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Highly Recommended ★★★★★

I went to see a psychologist at the International Psychology Clinic when I was in the process of weaning off anti-depressants and found that they were very able to help me. I was very pleased with the psychologist I saw and would recommend this business highly.”
- Sam

5* therapist ★★★★★

If you are looking for the best psychologist ever, your search is over. I can confidently recommend this practice. Martina has a quality that is rare in a person and deserves all the success she gets.”
- Grace

Top service ★★★★★

The doctor I saw helped me recover from my divorce. I am very grateful for his knowledge and his guidance and would recommend him to anyone as a committed, highly knowledgeable and professional psychologist who gets results.”
- Elen

Great support ★★★★★

Dr Martina Paglia really helped me go through a difficult period. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with panic attacks.”
- Ashley

Excellent service ★★★★★

Great doctor, listened to all my problems and was really helpful. I can sincerely recommend Dr Russo to others as well.”
- Kim

Great service ★★★★★

The service provided to me by Dr Trotta was great. I have enjoyed it a lot; super deep professionalism as well as lots of resolutions tips given to me; in 1 word I have been given a top service.”
- Mark

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A warm welcome to the International Psychology Clinic from its founder Dr Martina Paglia.

We are a team of highly trained, experienced, caring and compassionate doctors of clinical psychology and counselling psychologists, private therapists and psychiatrists in Central London. Our London therapy clinics are located in Kensington W8, Marylebone NW1, Oxford Circus W1, Shoreditch E1, Islington N1 and London Bridge SE1. 

We also provide an online therapy service for italian expats and an international therapy service for English-speaking expats in Europe which lists quality English-speaking therapists who practice from their own rooms in France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Greece. Contact us for London Private Psychologists.

Your Benefits

London private psychologists

✔ Get matched to the right therapist in real time.

✔ Hand-selected, highly experienced and fully insured psychologists.

✔ Option to book a 15 min. telephone consultation with a therapist before your first session for only £1.

✔ Book appointments directly online in a few steps.

✔ Receive high-quality, cutting-edge therapy.

✔ Change therapist whenever you want, at no extra cost.

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