10 Practical Advice on How to Cope with Uncertainty

10 Practical Advice on How to Cope with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is an integral part of all our lives. We don’t know what will happen to us in the very next moment. Our brains process uncertainty as a threat, and thus many people are seen visiting astrologers and palmists and reading horoscopes at the start of the day to seek answers to what will happen next. The urge to control the unknown parts of our lives often results in stress, anxiety, and depression.

To add fuel to the fire, situations like covid have brought about additional ambiguity in all our lives. The pandemic taught us one crucial lesson that uncertainty is the only sure thing in our lives.

One thing is for sure; we will never be able to control the future. So the million-dollar question is what to do to cope with all this uncertainty in our lives? Here we present to you ten strategies to cope with all your stress related to uncertainty.


Embrace your emotions

Feeling anxious about the future is okay and is nothing to be ashamed of.  You are only a human and have every right to experience all sorts of emotions. Do not push away your feelings and worries, as the only thing it will result in is adding unnecessary pressure on you. Be compassionate towards yourself and give yourself some room to breathe. It might even be helpful if you write down all your worries so that you can take a step back from them.

Practice acceptance rather than resisting

One must never try to control the future events or behavior of other people because it is a very unrealistic expectation. When you accept this fact, you actually start feeling better about the whole situation. If you keep attempting to control events, you may end up being demotivated and powerless. Also, note that acceptance is not equivalent to resignation.

Live in the present

We are all so occupied with the ambiguity of the future that we forget to live in the present moment. We do not appreciate the beauty of small things in our life like watching a sunrise, taking a walk in the garden on a beautiful summer’s eve, or even the pleasure of drinking hot coffee on a cold night. Remind yourself to be conscious of small things in the present rather than having vapors over the future uncertainty.

Be thankful for all the good things in your life

Thankfulness is a trait that brings positivity to our lives. Make it a ritual to count ten things you are thankful for in life, ranging from having one more day to live to having shelter over your head. Stop taking things for granted. It will bring positive energy and help you stay calm through all thick and thin.

Take a journey down the memory lane

Recall all the situations in the past where you faced uncertainties about your life, from taking your first exam to a problematic situation in a relationship. Congratulate yourself on all the hard times you suffered through and remind yourself that you coped with all of these experiences in the past, and you managed just fine. Also, ponder over the valuable insights you got from these situations. Ask yourself if worrying got you anywhere in these situations. It will help you realize that if anxiety didn’t lead you anywhere then, how will it help you now. It will take away half your worries, and you will be better able to cope with future uncertain situations.


Uncertainty about the future might lead to being stressed and overwhelmed and even anxious and depressed. Try pampering yourself in such situations. A day at the gym or a spa might just be the thing to cool off your heat and relax your mind. You can also do this by taking up a hobby like coloring or gardening. These activities might prove helpful to untie your jumbled up knots and thoughts.

Be optimistic

Even the most difficult of situations can be managed by being optimistic. This doesn’t mean that you should not consider all the worst-case scenarios or weigh the risks involved in the case but, have hope. Do not start grieving for the things you haven’t lost yet. When you think of a scenario in which everything goes wrong, the very next scene you must consider, should bring you hope. This helps you counter overestimating risks and negative consequences.

Focus on the things you can control

Don’t get unnecessarily paralyzed by focusing on the things that are out of your control. Instead, shift your focus to items that are in your control. If you are uncertain about the result of your exams, put in all your efforts in studying well rather than focusing on what questions will be asked in that examination.

Take hold of your life

Rescue missions only happen in movies. In real life, one has to rescue oneself from all the monsters lurking in the darkness. Don’t act powerless it will only make you feel more trapped than you actually are. This does not mean that you should not seek support from your social circle but always remember that rescue and approval are as different as day from night. If you face difficulty in your relationship, take solace in unloading your stress by sharing it with your friends or family but don’t let them make decisions for you. You should be the one calling the shots rather than looking towards others to make a difficult decision for you. When we take the reins of our lives in our own hands, we trade frailty for strength.

Have faith in yourself

You must be very confident that you can cope with any circumstances. Hold your head high and square your shoulders. Even if all your worst nightmares come true, be sure that this period shall pass one day and that you will come out as a winner at the end of all the struggle.

Life will always be full of surprises. Rather than fearing these surprises every day for the rest of your life, take the tips mentioned above to handle dealing with the uncertainty of the future and live the life you deserve.

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