10 Tips for Working from Home

10 tips for working from home

Working from home is a great option for many reasons. Some find it very comforting, some need it because of their issues, and the reasons go on. But, being efficient while working from home is a difficult task. There are tons of distractions, less communication, lack of social interaction, lack of accountability, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home, instead, there are plenty of ways to make yourself organised and working productively while staying at home.

Here are some of the tips that you can choose to overcome this challenge and show your boss you can work the same way as you did in the office.

1. Keep a specific place for work

If you can, take a corner of your house and design it your way for the work. You can put a desk, system, and chair there with the other things you need. It will help you be psychologically fresh and productive. You can leave your bed, prepare yourself and go that corner for the work you ought to do. It will add discipline to your work and the rest of the house will also know that this is your territory.

2. Fixed work timings

When people start working from home, the biggest mistake they do is to work according to their moods. This can never be productive for your work life. You ought to fix specific times for your work and work only in those hours. This way, you and your family will be able to take your work seriously and help you stay focused. Working by big intervals in between can take away your concentration.

3. Make a proper schedule

Now that you are available all the time to work from home, it might get exhausting. Moreover, since you are staying at home, there might some of the little things that you will do like taking out the garbage, making yourself some juice, etc. Make a proper schedule for yourself and follow it every day. This is where your management skills will come to work and maintain your routine thus making you more productive.

4. Meet your colleagues

Now that you are working from home, you might not be able to enjoy the networking and work relationships that you had. But you can still make up for it by pushing yourself to go out and meet them. You can schedule a meeting in out-of-the-office lunchtime, or after the work timings, to catch with your colleagues and bosses. This way your relationship will maintain healthily and you won’t feel like you are missing out much.

5. Network electronically

This is the time when you should be active on professional platforms like LinkedIn. You can see what other people are posting about, give in your thoughts, and feel like a part of a professional community. You need to make yourself present in the professional market and stay on the vision. It displays your skills and you will be surprised by how many new people you will get to meet.

6. Dress like you are at work

You won’t be interacting with anyone from the office today, but it is still important to dress nicely when you are going to work even if it is a corner in your home. You are telling your brain that it is time to work. Although you might feel more comfortable in sweat pants, and a T-shirt but it those will make you sleepy and sluggish also. So, get out of your night suit, take shower, dress up nicely and you will see how much energy you have gained just by taking these steps.

7. Keep boundaries

If you are working on the sofa in your living room surrounded by your family, this is not going to work. You must work in an area where no one is allowed to come. Talk to your family about this before you start your remote job. Tell them how it is going to work and how you need their co-operation. Once you are finished with your work, you can go to the living room and play with your kids as much as you want.

8. Be your janitor

Now that you are at home, there is not an office boy who could offer your tea and take away the cups from your table. This is now your duty. You need to keep your office space free and clean to be organised. If you are eating there, you ought to take the plate or cup to the sink. However, if you keep your surroundings dirty, you won’t be able to work with concentration.

9. Be inspired

A good advantage of working from is that you cannot disturb your colleagues. So, turn on the full volume and listen to the pumped-up jams that you always wanted to. You can go for soothing music as well, it all comes down to your choice and how you can make yourself more productive. It is your choice about what to listen but make sure you make yourself feel like at the office.

10. Stay connected

Although you are unable to meet your colleagues every day you can still make sure that you stay connected to them. Check your emails, do skype meetings, and check up on them frequently. This way you will stay updated and in the loop. If you don’t do it, you will be left behind very soon. So, try to be there whenever there is something to talk about or to give them any suggestions.

The Takeaway

Using these tips will make work from home very effective for you. It might seem like freedom to some of the people, but remote working is one of the most challenging tasks. If you are consistent, well-managed and willing to be more productive, you ought to keep it all simple. Follow these simple tips and make sure you feel like you are working. Only you know what you need to make yourself work from home more effectively, so do it and have the success you deserve even if you are working from home.

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