5 Tips on Managing Christmas Holiday Stress During a Pandemic

5 Tips for managing Christmas holiday stress during pandemic

We look forward to Christmas because it is a time of celebration, warm traditions, a good cheer and being with family and friends. It is a well awaited time for relaxation, joy and gratitude for all we have. Despite Christmas being a holiday full of positivity, it is often accompanied by preparations and even busier schedules. With the addition of pandemic and the stressors it brings, such as limited travel, strict safety measures and whatnot, holiday during the pandemic can be more stressful than usual.

No one wants the holiday stress to steal their joy. Below are 5 tips that can help you overcome christmas holiday stress during this pandemic.

1.   Plan ahead of time

Whatever worries you have about the holiday, it’s best to start planning from now. Assessing your stressors early on will help you be more practical and also discover more options that can ease your burden. Instead of waiting until the event happens, start planning now so you can find better approaches and lessen your stress.

2.   Be realistic

Get comfortable with the idea that there will be some stressful moments and everything will not be perfect, and it is completely fine. The holiday season can bring a lot of commitments and responsibilities. Making a list of what you expect to come ahead and how you may react will help you gauge the real severity of the events and being aware and prepared about it will help manage stress.

3.   Practice self care

You may not be able to control everything that happens, but you can always control yourself and how you react to things. Write down the specific things that cause you stress and try to understand your feelings. Learn how you can manage your reactions to these events and try to focus more on things you have control over. To keep stress in check, it can be good to partake in hobbies and relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or any enjoyable physical activity. Prioritizing your well being and health can go a long way in making the holiday less stressful for you.

4.   Establish healthy boundaries

Learn to say no to overscheduling and overcommitting. You don’t have to overdo anything. If it’s not comfortable for you, gently decline. It can be too draining to live up to expectations of multiple family members during the holiday season. If it’s not easy for you, convince another family member to host this year’s celebrations at their house. See if you can divide the responsibilities and change things up a bit so it goes more easier on you.

5.   Assess all the risks

Health and safety come first before anything else. You need to think about your family’s comfort level about travelling during the pandemic. Do not do something out of the sense of obligation if it puts you at a risk for contracting the disease, instead be clear with the people you’re meeting and only perform activities such as family gathering if they are really important to you. You can change plans, skip meals or suggest alternatives. Remember, your safety is more important, so if something puts you at risk, it’s always better to talk it out with your family members and have a change of plans.

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