5 Top Tips for Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

5 Top Tips for Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

People in long distance relationships often feel lonely, isolated and low in mood. A long distance relationship can be emotionally draining and difficult to maintain in the long term. Some people can develop long distance relationship depression as a result. Long distance relationships come with many challenges and it’s not easy for couples to cope with the ups and downs of being far away from each other.

Below are a few pointers to help you cope with being apart from your better half.

Tip 1# Communicate As Much As You Need To

Should you communicate daily? It depends on the couple and their own needs for companionship and emotional support. Some may be happier communicating daily, some perhaps weekly, some every hour or every half a day. Talk to your partner to find a good enough compromise on your needs for communication when you are far from each other. As long as you have a similar frequency of needs and/or can compromise on how regularly you communicate with each other, you will feel enough support and closeness.

Tip 2# Make regular visits to each other

A good tip is to schedule your visits to each other on a regular basis. You live in different cities and/or countries so it’s crucial you get that couple time we all need to boost your commitment to your relationship goals. Take turns as much as you can so that you’ll both feel like you have the chance to get to know your respective routines and habits.

Tip 3# Set your boundaries

Decide what your couple core values are. What is accepted in your long distance relationship? For example, will you be on a monogamous relationship while away from each other? Have an explicit conversation with your partner where you say what you mean and you mean what you say. Then let your behaviour, not just your words speak for you.

Tip 4# Have a shared goal in mind

Setting your relationship goals is important for every couple, however when you are in a long distance relationship this becomes of crucial importance. You need to feel you both know where you are heading towards, otherwise sooner or later the love and excitement you feel for each other will turn into frustration and resentment.

Tip 5# Make sure the distance is temporary

While being away can be seen as an opportunity for some couples, it is of great importance (and I cannot stress this enough!) that the distance between you and your partner in crime is time-bound. Setting a time limit to your long distance relationship can help a great deal with keeping a positive attitude when you feel lonely and sad. Setting a time limit means you both have something to look forward to that can reassure you at challenging times.


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