At the heart of The International Psychology Clinic is commitment to mental healthcare and our clients. The Clinic is run by Dr Martina Paglia. Dr Martina is a leading dual qualified Clinical and Counselling psychologist who helps patients by providing bespoke psychological services including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy in London.

The International Psychology Clinic is the first private therapy clinic based in Central London that provides an international service to English-speaking clients across Europe through its partner service Expat Therapy 4U

Our therapists have been trained at the Uk and International's leading therapy institutions and hand-selected by Dr Martina to ensure their experience and professionalism. They work across the lifespan and treat more than 60 types of mental health issues ranging from mild to severe conditions. Check out the Issues A-Z page to see which problems we help with.

We have a reputation for excellence and for being at the cutting edge of clinical practice development. Our highly qualified therapists can provide short and long term therapy on a 100% confidential and professional basis for individuals, families and couples. 

At The International Psychology Clinic we tailor our CBT, counselling and psychotherapy services to meet your expectations. We help patients by providing therapy that is tailored to their needs, and promote positive changes in their lives. To find out more about our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services available at our London Therapy Clinics and Online Counselling worldwide, take your time to explore the Services A-Z page.

Our approach is based on the innovative practice of shared decision making (SDM). SDM involves clinicians and clients working together to make decisions. We have developed high-quality decision support tools to ensure SDM implementation to be effective in our daily practice.

We value clients' feedback. We encourage clients to provide us feedback with a range of methods, including an experience of service questionnaire developed by our Triage Team. View our clients recent comments on our Reviews page

All Members of the Team are highly experienced working in cross-cultural environments. Our therapists are passionate about delivering first-class patient-centred, safe and effective care. Patients are at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to work with a warm, inclusive, caring and professional therapist you have come to the right place.

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Watch Our Information Videos

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