Louisa Morrison

I am an Assistant Psychologist currently working at an inner-London Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service with a particular interest in working with children and their families and in cross-cultural work. In the long-term, I am hoping to pursue a career as a Clinical Psychologist. In my blog entries for the International Psychology Clinic I try to put into words my thoughts about various aspects of mental health. I hope that the blog entries will help to enhance other people’s understanding of, and to spark their interest in, the fascinating field of mental health. I have a strong interest in many things to do with art, including drawing, theatre and cooking. I am also a keen traveler, who enjoys discovering new places and experiencing different ways of living.

What is ADHD?

When we as adults observe children, we can see and admire their energy and their ability just to try something out without giving it too much thought. As they enter school, we might notice their difficulty to sit still for long periods of time or to listen to a lesson’s content the entire time. But …

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Understanding why your child might show difficult behaviour; sintomi dell'autismo;

Understanding Why Your Child Might Show Difficult Behaviour

Many children referred to mental health services are referred for behavioural difficulties. Although on the surface the referrals often seem very similar, the underlying stories are always very different. Behaviour is a form of communication. It tells you something about what a person might think or feel – i.e. what is going on inside them. …

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When separation anxiety starts interfering with everyday life

When Separation Anxiety Starts Interfering with Everyday Life

Separation anxiety is a common part of development for babies and toddlers. They often experience separation anxiety as they develop an understanding about their dependence on their caregivers. Typically, separation anxiety dissipates as the child learns that they are well looked after by other adults whom the caregiver trusts and therefore that they can cope …

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Systemic Family Therapy

Signs of Autism in Children and When to Ask for Help

Society’s awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased significantly over recent years, not least because of the continued coverage in the media. However, media such as film, TV and literature often focus on the portrayal of those individuals with ASD who struggle with social interaction and communication, but have average to above average IQ …

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