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5 Tips to Manage Depression

By Daphne Catsamba | Jun 20, 2018

Sadness is an emotion that can be very difficult to deal with. Everyone can experience periods in their life where they feel more tearful than usual, or they have to cope with many problems at the same time. As long as this sadness develop and delve deeper into our daily routine and lives, can be …

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I Need More Time! Time Management Tips That Works

By Jason Chalangary | Apr 30, 2018

Have you heard of the 5-minute rule, the one that says you should aim to organise your day into 5 minute slots and determine before every activity how many slots it will consume? Did you stick to it? What about the 4-hour rule, the one that says you should aim to get all your work, …

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University Stressing You Out?

By Jason Chalangary | Apr 10, 2018
unviersity stressing you out

It is no secret that university can be a great but demanding experience. If you’re struggling with studies or other aspects of university, look in your handbook or student guide. Many universities have good mentoring services to help you get on track. Mentors are particularly great because they are usually former graduates who went through …

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How To Improve Your Body Image

By Jason Chalangary | Apr 3, 2018

I think it’s fair to say that most people want to improve some aspect of their body. Body confidence is difficult to have, especially when competing with software-enhanced media representations in magazines and movies. This is much worse in western societies where appearance is valued more than in other cultures. People want to look good …

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5 Approaches to Conflict Resolution

By Jason Chalangary | Mar 29, 2018
Conflict Resolution

Yes, conflict happens. No, we cannot avoid it. But some people can be great at resolving conflict. Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann are psychiatrists who give a very quick and effective way of interpreting conflict resolution styles. They describe five types which we will describe here. Which one are you? Competers – put their own …

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What is ADHD?

By Louisa Morrison | Mar 10, 2018

When we as adults observe children, we can see and admire their energy and their ability just to try something out without giving it too much thought. As they enter school, we might notice their difficulty to sit still for long periods of time or to listen to a lesson’s content the entire time. But …

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What are the Treatments for Panic Attacks?

By Jason Chalangary | Mar 8, 2018
panic attacks therapy

  Don’t panic… It’s just a disorder It’s treatable! Yes. I said it. Some people are afraid it isn’t treatable. If you are one of these people, I recommend you have a read through a panic disorder blog or forum, a couple of which can be found at the bottom of this blog. The forums …

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Understanding Why Your Child Might Show Difficult Behaviour

By Louisa Morrison | Feb 12, 2018
Understanding why your child might show difficult behaviour; sintomi dell'autismo;

Many children referred to mental health services are referred for behavioural difficulties. Although on the surface the referrals often seem very similar, the underlying stories are always very different. Behaviour is a form of communication. It tells you something about what a person might think or feel – i.e. what is going on inside them. …

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When Separation Anxiety Starts Interfering with Everyday Life

By Louisa Morrison | Jan 18, 2018
When separation anxiety starts interfering with everyday life

Separation anxiety is a common part of development for babies and toddlers. They often experience separation anxiety as they develop an understanding about their dependence on their caregivers. Typically, separation anxiety dissipates as the child learns that they are well looked after by other adults whom the caregiver trusts and therefore that they can cope …

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and some tips on how to cope

By Louisa Morrison | Dec 14, 2017
generalised anxiety disorder

It is in our human nature to occasionally worry about things, e.g. whether the next bus will come on time so that we arrive punctually for our appointment, whether we will be able to write our piece of coursework by a given deadline or whether our guests will enjoy the Christmas drink get-together that we …

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