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In Love with a Foreigner? 10 Tips on How to Make Your Multicultural Relationship Work

By Dr Sara Parsi di Landrone | 04 September 2020
Are you In Love with a Foreigner

Being in love in exclusive long-term relationship is not easy, but is even harder when you are in love with someone with a different cultural background, maybe someone who is originally from a different country. No matter if you are just starting dating or if your relationship is already getting serious, many things got in...

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10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Therapist

By Dr Martina Paglia | 05 June 2020
10 tips on how to choose the right therapist

The process of finding the perfect therapist is both exciting and overwhelming, but for many people, it leads to not choosing any therapist at all. Since there are many therapies out there with so many approaches, you might get confused about which one to choose. Once you have chosen the therapy you want to pursue,...

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10 Tips to Overcome Internet Addiction

By Dr Martina Paglia | 02 June 2020

If you find in it inevitable to look at your phone again and again, checking your social media accounts, and signing in frequently, you might be suffering from internet addiction. Internet addiction happens when you get dependant on the use of internet whether it is texting, constantly peeking, or using social media. Professionals have compared...

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10 Tips for Working from Home

By Dr Martina Paglia | 13 May 2020
10 tips for working from home

Working from home is a great option for many reasons. Some find it very comforting, some need it because of their issues, and the reasons go on. But, being efficient while working from home is a difficult task. There are tons of distractions, less communication, lack of social interaction, lack of accountability, etc. But that...

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OCD: 10 Tips for Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

By Dr Martina Paglia | 24 April 2020
OCD 10 Tips for Managing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Occasionally it’s ok to go back and double-check if you turned off the microwave oven or unplugged your iron. You might also be concerned whether you have germs on your body, and to some extent, this concern and worry are entirely reasonable. But if such distressing and violent thoughts become too recurrent and start interfering...

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Burnout Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms and 10 Strategies to Cope

By Dr Martina Paglia | 21 April 2020
Burnout Syndrome Signs, Symptoms and 10 Strategies to Cope

In our race for running after our dreams, we often find ourselves working too hard for too long. Whether it’s a job assignment that requires extra hours or voluntary hard work, we have to put in more time to get better results. No matter how motivated we are, there’s a limit to how much stress...

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Perfectionist: 10 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism

By Dr Martina Paglia | 17 April 2020
Perfectionist 10 tips for overcoming perfectionism

We all want the best for ourselves. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a material possession, or anything — we want it to be “just right.” But sometimes our high standards can get in our way of happiness, and our desire for everything to be perfect can become our own worst enemy. Perfectionism can be...

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Eating Disorder Recovery: 10 Tips on Recovering from an Eating Disorder

By Dr Martina Paglia | 13 April 2020
Eating Disorder Recovery 10 Tips on Recovering from an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can be one of the most troublesome mental conditions to treat and are linked with many health concerns and increased death rates. An eating disorder can give rise to many physical and psychological problems such as joint pain, migraine, gastrointestinal issues, menstrual problems, congestive breath, chest burns, nervousness, burdensome indications, and substance misuse...

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Stress Management: 10 Tips for Reducing Stress

By Dr Martina Paglia | 10 April 2020
stress management 10 tips for reducing stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of every human’s life. Today’s technology-driven world has created many new challenges for us and stress is among one of them. While some amount of stress is reasonable, having too much of it can become a burden. Fortunately, many techniques and practices can teach you to handle stress effectively. Let’s...

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Self Esteem: 10 Tips for Improving your Confidence

By Dr Martina Paglia | 07 April 2020
Self Esteem 10 Tips for Improving your Confidence

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrakes on” – Maxwell Martz. You can define self-esteem as a person’s confidence in their own abilities and self-worth. Having a strong feeling of confidence in ourselves is essential for our motivation and success. On the other hand, Low self-esteem can leave us feeling depressed and...

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