Break Up: 10 Signs it’s Time to End Your Relationship

Break Up 10 Signs it’s Time to End Your Relationship

Should you break up your relationship?

Your whole life will change drastically if you decide to go through it as it’s a big emotional decision. It could be the best or worst decision of your life.

Relationships are important to our friends, families, and the people we care about. With age and life experience, ending a relationship is not easier. But, most of the time we caught up in difficult schedules and patterns were ending a relationship is not seem an easier task even when we are not happy at all in a relationship.

Here, we have compiled a list of signs that whether or not you should break up if you are feeling as if you are stuck to make a final decision.

1. You don’t trust each other anymore 

One of the most important parts of any relationship is trust. It’s almost certainly a perfect time to end a relationship when you lose trust. There are simple signs to observe when your relationship has gone through this. You often find yourself questioning your partner’s reasons, motives and abilities every time. Every time, you made silly questions such as why she’s acting so nice to you, why so respect or trust etc.

This kind of mutual behaviour on both sides can lead the relationship to crumble and in return causes anger, jealousy, possessiveness, and many other negative feelings. It might be right to break up this relationship as it’s very hard to come back to the same normal relationship after hitting this point.

2. You realise that you have different values

All of us have personal values that are important for us, such as freedom, a liberal family, a conservative family, security, or an open marriage. When your values rub inconveniently against your significant other, then it’s the best time to end up that relationship.

No doubt that every relationship has the process of negotiation and compromises where we assimilate the values of our partners in our life. But, sometimes, the values of our partners are so different that required drastic compromises and struggles to assimilate them in our life. At this point, it’s best for both parties to end up a relationship if this is creating serious issues in your relationship.

3. You are unable to see a future with him or her

In a healthy relationship, both partners often create future plans, shaping and designing life together. If you are unable to plan a future with your partner, then the question arises why you are wasting your time? Why you are living ina relationship in which you have a little emotional investment. It’s time to break up the relationship and move on if you are not envisioning a future with this person.

4. Your needs are not being met

Every person has specific needs that he or she expects to meet in a relationship. These needs can be financial or emotional such as wish to have quality time with your partner. It is important to talk to your partner if one of the partners feels like the other one is not fulfilling basic requirements. It’s a time to move on if your partner is not trying harder and is not interested to fulfill the needs.

5. You fantasize about life with someone else 

It’s a part of human nature to fantasize about life. People are creative to envision their life which may have been, or could not have been, in either a positive or negative way. When you are unable to channel your energies into being in a relationship with your current partner, it may affect your relationship badly. Instead, you are most honest with someone else or choosing to daydream about a life with someone else.

We are talking about such a kind of fantasizing that is the persistent, daydreaming with someone else who caught your eyes seriously. It might be a time to end a relationship if you have already end up your relationship emotionally and psychologically.

6. You no longer have any fun 

Relationships are assumed to be joyous and fun. It might be a time to break up a relationship if you have no longer fun in your relationship. And you find it hard to reawaken the fun in your relationship once used to do with each other.

7. You don’t like your partner

It may sound illogical, but in reality, the possibility is that you are in love with the person you don’t like. Disagreements are found in every relationship but healthy relationships always go through these attitudes wisely. But, it’s impossible to bear these disagreements with your partner without liking them. Still, it’s difficult to break with someone you love even that relationship is not working.

8. Your partner is Abusive

 In an abusive relationship, it’s possible to love an abusive partner. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 10 men and one in four men become the victims of abuse of their partners. Furthermore, a study was conducted by the National Institute of Mental health in 2015 about abusive partners. It was found that more than half of the women who were become the abuse victims of their partners were highly dependable. Therefore, if your partner is abusive, it’s the sign to end up that relationship.

9. Your partner is putting you down and you feel like sh*t  

If your partner is lowering your self-esteem with backhanded statements, then it’s the clear signs and a perfect time to break up that relationship as soon as possible.

Narcissists personality type partners commonly make you feel down. They easily control you and makes you feel out of control. A toxic partner sucks your life slowly from you with slight nudges, hurtful comments, or from some comments that take away your confidence.

10. You’re no longer essentials to each other

The sign of a healthy relationship is that you both have importance for each other. There is no doubt that you both are independent and have your own abilities and strength to live in this world alone. But, here essential means that your partner feels useful and wanted, not dispensable!

Beyond love and sex, men have a greater desire for something amazing. But, if you feel like you do not have such feelings for your girlfriend or your girlfriend is not interested in you, then it’s time to break up a relationship. 


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