Burnout Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms and 10 Strategies to Cope

Burnout Syndrome Signs, Symptoms and 10 Strategies to Cope

In our race for running after our dreams, we often find ourselves working too hard for too long. Whether it's a job assignment that requires extra hours or voluntary hard work, we have to put in more time to get better results.

No matter how motivated we are, there's a limit to how much stress our mind and body can handle. If this tension from hard work continues for prolonged periods, we feel exhaustion, emotional drainage, inability to focus and various other psychological and physical problems.

This overpowering feeling of fatigue due to working too hard is called Burnout.

Burnout can have negative impacts on both our health and profession. We have to maintain a healthy balance between labor and leisure to make sure everything stays under control.

Following are ten helpful techniques that can help you cope with Burnout.

1. Sleep properly

Sleep is our body's natural way to recharge and repair after a hard day of work. We use many relaxation techniques such as watching the television, playing video games, smoking and many other things. But the only true cure to relax a burnout is proper sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep every night can help us properly decompress and stay sharp at our work. Having a consistent sleeping routine will prove beneficial in the long run and help us stay more active and healthy.

2. Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol

Many of us resort to caffeine or a bottle of alcohol after a stressful day. These are shortcuts we can use to soothe our minds and feel relaxed. But beware, frequent consumption can lead to dependence and soon an addiction.

Not only are their workings unnatural, but they can also rob us of our sleep, and we often find ourselves wide awake at night even when our body is aching from the stress. Breaking these habits can reduce our body's dependence on them for relaxation, and help us get better sleep at night.

3. Try Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to calm both your body and mind. During your breaks at the office, try to find a quiet spot, close your eyes, take deep breaths and try to relax for ten to fifteen minutes.

You can also try getting guided meditation apps where you can use audio instructions to relax both your body and mind. These apps are beneficial for relaxation and work even if you never tried meditating.

4. Go on a Vacation

If your Burnout is getting out of hand, you need to have a serious talk with your manager. Explain your situation while being rational and take a break. Use some of the annual leaves you have and go for a vacation to detach and relax your mind completely.

Try to spend your vacation in a natural place and away from technology as much as you can. Renting a cabin in the woods for some days, meet your family and stay at their home for some time. Do whatever relaxes you and have complete time-off.

5. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Plan out your daily routine and find an appropriate time for exercising. Exercise not only makes our body stronger but also helps our mind relax and keeps us away from many mental problems. Exercising helps your body stay in shape and also improves sleep quality.

Even jogging for a half-hour every day can bring a lot of positive change in your body and keep you active and healthy. Also, pay close attention to the foods you consume and make sure you are eating healthy.

6. Find a Hobby to Relax

You are not here to work all day, go to sleep and repeat the same pattern. Find a hobby and use it to your advantage to have a time-off. Sports and exercising are the best relaxation techniques, but you can participate in any hobby you like.

Try video games, bowling, going on a bike ride, or anything that helps you blow off some steam. Find a way to release your aggression without harming yourself or anyone else. A hobby will help you relax as well as enjoy your time.

7. Get Creative

Find a loophole that can make your job more enjoyable. Try to see what other positions you can fill and try swapping your current designation for a change.

Befriend your colleagues and bring some humor into your career. Try to socialize as much as you can. If you have friends working with you, you will enjoy your work more and have more fun, even in boring situations.

8. Get Up from your seat and Go Outdoors

If you work from home or have a remote job, then try grabbing your laptop and working at different places. Have a portable internet connection and go to a park or into the woods and resume your work there.

Also, in your indoors job, try to get up and stretch every often. Go to the restroom and splash some water on your face. Go to the balcony and get some fresh air. Avail whatever chance you can get to relax and cool off during your duty hours.

9. Make your Health a Priority

Learn to say no, not only to others but yourself too. Politely decline any additional work your boss invites you to if you can. Share your workload with other people. You can even hire people online for cheap to be your virtual assistants.

Also, see when you're crossing the limit. If you have a personal project going on, try reducing the time you spend on it and make sure you take care of your health first.

10. Quit your Job

Be real with yourself and seriously consider if the job you are doing is worth all the exhaustion and mental strain? Are there any other places where you can perform better? Does the company you work at, take care of its employees? Do they place unreasonable demands on you?

It would be best if you did not wait until you reach a breakdown. Leaving your job and taking your position at some less stressful occupation can make a huge difference in your life. Start freelancing or try another activity where you can work as well as relax.


Burnout is a real problem, and it is faced my many hard workers. In order to live better lives, we have to strike a balance between work and health. The techniques mentioned above will help you incorporate a healthy lifestyle. These will help you work and relax at the same time without exhausting your body with unnecessary mental and physical workload.

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