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Child Therapy is a psychological treatment for children and families. Child Psychologists treat a range of emotional and behavioural problems, including Anxiety, Low Mood, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Conduct Disorders, Attachment Disorders and Trauma. Child Psychologists are trained to carefully observe a child and respond to what they might be communicating through their behaviour and play. We offer a range of Private Child Therapy services in London and Rome and online wordlwide. Below is a breakdown of the Psychological Therapies for Children available at our Clinics in London, Milan, Rome and online worldwide.

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Child Counselling

Child Counselling is useful in helping children to learn about emotions, how their bodies respond to emotions, and how to communicate these experiences and feelings verbally and nonverbally in a positive and healthy manner.

Play Therapy

Play therapy accesses a child’s natural form of communication through play to explore life events that are affecting the child. Play Therapy allows the child to explore and communicate thoughts and emotions that they are unable to verbalise. 

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