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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is primarily used when working with children. Play therapy accesses a child’s natural form of communication through play to explore life events that are affecting the child. Play Therapy allows the child to explore and communicate thoughts and emotions that they are unable to verbalise. Additionally, Play Therapy provides children with an opportunity to address unresolved trauma.

Play Therapy may utilise tools such as a sandbox, stuffed animals, dolls and dollhouses, toys and costumes to help the child with expression through play. The child’s interaction with the objects are considered symbolic language and allows the therapist to learn which specific thoughts and events are challenging for the child to express verbally. Play Therapy may be used as a primary intervention or in conjunction with additional therapies to address social, emotional, and behavioural issues. Play Therapy typically entails 20 sessions that are 30-50 minutes in length but is not confined or restricted to this amount. Play Therapy may be used with adults, but is typically used with children ages 12 and below.

How does Play Therapy work?

  • Your child will work with the therapist to identify and process behaviour that is problematic and led to the request for services.
  • The therapist will allow your child to have free play initially, allowing them to play as they wish and become acquainted with the tools in the office.
  • Through play, your child will learn skills such as problem-solving, social skills, and communication.
  • Your child will have the opportunity to work with the therapist and on their own to explore problem solving through play.
  • Your child will participate in sessions that occur one time per week and last approximately 50 minutes.


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