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What is Child Counselling?

Child Therapy refers to Evidence Based Treatments (EBT) that are used in the therapeutic relationship with a child. These treatments may be Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy or another EBT, depending on what would be the best approach for the issue at hand. With Child Counselling, the focus is to develop and improve on resiliency and empowerment. We believe that children who possess an internal sense of stability and are empowered to control their emotions will navigate the daily challenges of life in a positive and healthy manner.

Child Counselling is useful in helping children to learn about emotions, how their bodies respond to emotions, and how to communicate these experiences and feelings verbally and nonverbally in a positive and healthy manner. This intervention may be brief, but will ultimately be determined by the severity of issues to address in treatment.

How does Child Therapy work?

  • You and your child will complete an initial assessment. This will provide understanding for issues occurring and goals everyone has for treatment.
  • Your child will explore ways of expression that are positive and healthy. These expressions can be through artistic means such as writing, poetry, or visual art. The primary goal is to assist with expression of feelings or emotions.
  • Your child will work with his therapist to explore coping skills for intense emotions that can be used in and outside of the office.
  • Your child will work with his therapist to identify emotional triggers-what or who assists in evoking these intense feelings.
  • Your child will participate in Individual and Family Therapy sessions. This is critical, as the family will be required to work together for positive changes outside of the office in order to assist with treatment.
  • Your child will participate in sessions that occur one time per week and last approximately 50 minutes.


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