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What is Parent-Child Psychotherapy?

Parent-Child Psychotherapy is a family oriented therapy designed to improve the relationship between the parent and child. Parent-Child Psychotherapy facilitates the development of effective parenting techniques and reduce behavioural issues. Using Parent-Child Psychotherapy provides parents with the opportunity to learn new skills, allowing them to provide a healthy environment for their child. A primary goal of Parent-Child Psychotherapy is to instill positive behaviour patterns at home and decrease negative behavioural patterns. This is a time-limited therapy and is considered complete when the caregivers have demonstrated a level of mastery of the treatment skills. 

Parent-Child Psychotherapy strives to establish and improve the relationship, discipline, and compliance. Parents will learn new skills to use at home that will provide support and minimise negative characteristics of the relationship with their child. Additionally, parents will gain new skills in communication that assist in addressing and managing problematic behaviours occurring at home.

How does Parent-Child Psychotherapy work?

  • You will practise relation enhancement in the office and obtain skills in praise, reflection, and communication.
  • You will learn and practise how to provide constructive discipline and compliance techniques that promote security in the parent-child relationship and are healthy.
  • You will learn to manage emotions in yourself and improve communication within the family unit.
  • You will participate in sessions that occur one time per week and last approximately 50 minutes.


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