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What is Systemic Family Therapy?

Systemic Family Therapy addresses conflict in the relationship between family members and improve communication. This is often a short-term intervention, designed to instill skills of positive communication in family members that they may use independently outside of the office. Treatment will be specific to the family and issues they would like to address. Systemic Family Therapy sessions will focus on improving the quality of the relationships between family members and deepening familial connections.

Systemic Family Therapy may be used to address conflict in relationships between parents and children, partners, and family members. Family Therapy is useful for any family situation that causes stress, conflict, or anger and can help family members improve the relationship through use of learned coping skills and positive communication in the sessions.

How does Systemic Family Therapy work?

  • You and your therapist will complete an assessment to better understand your goals for therapy individually and as a family.
  • You will work with your therapist to learn and practise skills to cope with emotions such as anger, grief, and sadness.
  • You will learn how to communicate thoughts and feelings in a healthy way-both verbally and nonverbally
  • You will learn and practise conflict resolution in and outside of the office.
  • You will participate in sessions that occur one time per week and last approximately 50 minutes.


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