Does He Still Love Me? 10 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Does He Still Love Me? 10 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Breakups are a hard nut to crack. You have been in a steady relationship with someone, and all of a sudden you decide that you don’t want to be with them anymore. There can be multiple reasons involved. You can blame your ex; similarly, your ex can blame you. But in the end you eventually part ways with bitter feelings towards each other.

The mess sorts out, the dust settles, and it’s all well again until one of you realizes that the decision wasn’t correct. That’s when things mess up again. You can’t decide what to do. Your ex is behaving in a cold hot manner. Likewise, your heart and your brain give you mixed feelings.  It’s in a situation like these that you need some friendly guidance.

In today’s article, you will read the subtle/ evident signs that your ex is not over with you. He is looking for some reconciliation; in one way or the other. Do you also want to go back? Or you want to continue staying apart?

It’s in moments like these when you need to recognize your feelings, clear the air, and decide what you want to do. Once you have cleared your mind, then only you can think of a concrete course of action. It’s not that you are getting random thoughts. Humans just like all organisms have been blessed with an intuition that leads them to their gut-level instinct; provoking them to read benefits the lines.

Even if both of you are not on friendly terms anymore, there are still hints that your ex might be throwing at you to capture your attention in a rather restrained manner. There are plenty of them. But below we have listed 10 of the most visible signs.

1. Engaging in nostalgic conversations

You would rather expect your ex to move on after a breakup. But when your ex brings up events from the past with a yearning to relive those moments, like “Remember when we used to do…” indicating clearly that he’s been lately thinking about the moments he spent with you. He’s testing the waters to find out if his love for you is still required or you’ve moved on.

2. Contacting you for random chit-chats

That’s one sign that speaks volumes of the fact that your ex is not over with you yet. He’ll keep coming up with random reasons to talk to you. If you guys weren’t best friends in the past, and haven’t spoken since parting ways, then this behaviour isn’t normal and hints at his igniting flame for you.

3. Calling/texting you when he’s drunk

Alcohol is a powerful inhibitor. Be on guard if he’s calling you after midnight. Or if he’s inviting you for a drink at the bar. Or if you’re the first person he’s calling or texting when he’s drunk.  Then surely something’s up with him.

4. Making you jealous

You guys have broken up and moved on. Now is there any point in trying to make them feel envious about whom they are seeing or dating? Who wants to make their ex envious without any apparent motive? Without any doubt a person who is still having feelings for the person they’ve broken up with. It can be done by either stalking your social media accounts or by posting random pictures on their feeds with some cheeky girl from the night club. They all are aimed at making you jealous.

5. Dating your acquaintances

At times, people try to replace their exes by dating someone from their immediate circle. This is a conscious move on the person’s part which indicates that they still have feelings for you and they want to remain close to you in one way or the other.

6. Deliberately crossing your way

You two had been steady for a while and he would know your hangouts and the time when you frequently visit those places. Then it should be no surprise to you that your ex is present there at odd instances. But if you’re spotting them there quite often, this is a piece of strong evidence fuelling their love for you.

7. Wishing you on special days

If your ex has wished you a happy birthday, that doesn’t indicate that he has sentiments for you still. But if you witness him wishing you on all important dates throughout the calendar, what more do you want to know about his affiliation for you. He has you on his mind and he is trying to reach out to you by reminding you that’s you’re still important to him.

8. Staying long enough to chat with you

If the both of you often meet, and your ex purposefully stays back to chat with you, inquiring about what you’ve been up to lately. This is a pointer; you can easily gauge the wants to more about you and what developments are there in your life after him

9. Staying in touch with people you know

If they try to stay in touch with you for random reasons, then this is enough to fuel your speculation. But if they ask your friends about you now and then; this behavior speaks volumes that they haven’t lost interest in you. They just can't let go of you and want to stay updated about you and whatever is happening in your life.

10. Not dating anyone

Now, this is the most evident indicator that your ex isn’t willing to let go of your fond memories. People usually start dating some other person once they’ve overcome the heartache, which means that they have resumed normalcy again. Doing so erases all the memories in the past. But what would you do or think when you know that they aren’t seeing anyone?

So, guys, we have tried to briefly sum up most of the commonly occurring instances in which your ex might be showing hints to you of his undying love.


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