Dr Martina Paglia

I am a highly qualified Italian Psychologist in London, with excellent people skills, dedicated work ethic and committed to providing the highest standards of psychological services. I am registered with the leading professional organisations within my discipline and licensed to practise in the UK and Italy and Chartered with The Italian Psychological Society. My training is in Clinical, Community and Developmental Psychology, specifically including models of psychopathology, clinical psychometrics and neuropsychology, five distinct psychological therapies and lifespan development psychology. My education and clinical experience has provided me with a strong background in both individual and group psychological therapies. I am adept at assessment, consultation, counselling and therapy. I have years of experience working in leading institutions in the City of London, including the National Healthcare System, Local Authorities, Private Practice and Charities. My therapeutic experience covers working with under5s and their parents, children, adolescents, adults, older adults, couples and families experiencing a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Parent-Child Psychotherapy

PARENT-CHILD PSYCHOTHERAPY Dr Martina Paglia talks about Parent-Child Psychotherapy. Parent-Child Psychotherapy is a family oriented therapy designed to improve the relationship between the parent and child. Parent-Child Psychotherapy facilitates the development of effective parenting techniques and reduce behavioural issues. Using Parent-Child Psychotherapy provides parents with the opportunity to learn new skills, allowing them to provide a …

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Parenting Support

PARENTING SUPPORT Dr Martina Paglia talks about Parenting Support. Parenting Support is designed to alleviate the emotional challenges that accompany the role of parenting. The primary goal of Parenting Support is to provide advice and information in ways that help parents become more capable and competent. Parenting Support can be utilised with new parents, single parents, …

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How To Overcome Depression Without Medication

1. What is Behavioural Activation? Behavioural activation (BA) is a third generation approach of Cognitive BehaviourTherapy for treating low mood and depression. Behavioural Activation focuses on your present life and attempts to make subtle changes to your lifestyle. Behavioural activation theory indicates that much clinically relevant human behaviour is a function of positive reinforcement, and …

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5 Top Tips for Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

People in long distance relationships often feel lonely, isolated and low in mood. A long distance relationship can be emotionally draining and difficult to maintain in the long term. Some people can develop long distance relationship depression as a result. Long distance relationships come with many challenges and it’s not easy for couples to cope …

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A Guide to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Cognitive behavioural therapy is a goal-orientated, short-term type of talking therapy that helps individuals identify and correct harmful thought patterns that can lead to conditions such as depression, anxiety, and a number of other psychological problems. What can be treated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Cognitive behavioural therapy is considered an …

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5 Tips to Help You Tell Your Child the Truth about Santa

Christmas, a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus, has evolved into a worldwide religious and secular celebration, incorporating many pre-Christian and pagan traditions into the festivities, including the legendary figure of Santa Claus. Many parents fear the big question: “Does Santa exist?”. Most parents feel concerned about telling the truth to their children. Should …

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5 Tips to Cope with Christmas Away From Home

Expats are sometimes unable to come home for Christmas. When this happens people can experience difficult feelings like a sense of emptiness, sadness and loneliness that gradually intensify as Christmas eve approaches. This blog post aims to help you beat the holiday blues when you are far from home.

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