Parenting Support in London

Parenting Support in London

What is Parenting Support?

Parenting Support is designed to alleviate the emotional challenges that accompany the role of parenting. The primary goal of Parenting Support is to provide advice and information in ways that help parents become more capable and competent. Parenting Support can be utilised with new parents, single parents, step-families, and families who are adopting or fostering.

Parenting Support interventions aim to: increase knowledge and understanding of children’s development and needs; build positive relationships and improve behaviour and communication; make parenting and family life more enjoyable; increase confidence and parenting skills; help parents to feel more positive and reduce parenting stress; develop new skills for parents.

Parenting Support provides parents and carers with an opportunity to learn new skills that will help manage thoughts and emotions within themselves and improve their relationships with family members. Length of this intervention will be contingent on issues addressed and specific therapies used.

How does Parenting Support work?

  • You will work with your therapist to identify and process goals for treatment.
  • You will learn new skills in nonverbal and verbal communication to use in and outside of the office.
  • You may be asked to monitor behaviour in the form of lists or journaling.
  • You will learn mindfulness techniques that promote self-awareness.
  • You will learn how to respond positively to a range of behaviour in your child.
  • You will learn to recognise and manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how to incorporate these techniques into your parenting style at home.
  • You may be asked to participate in individual and family sessions to learn and practise these techniques.
  • You will participate in sessions that occur one time per week and last approximately 50 minutes.

Getting Psychological Parenting Support in London

We offer Parenting Support at our clinics in Central London.


All our Therapists offer Parenting Support. Click here to meet the Team.


Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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