Depression Counselling in London

Depression Counselling in London

What is Depression?

Everyone feels sad at times, but the sadness usually goes away. However for some people, these sad feelings remain for a long time. A person who feels bad about themselves for a long time might have depression.

Depression is a mental health issue that affects an individual's moods. Moods are the way we feel and how we express those feelings. Someone who suffers from depression may feel angry, irritable, sad, tired, confused, guilty or worthless. A person who is depressed may lose interest in almost everything they used to enjoy.

Depression can also cause physical changes in the body. Someone with depression may also have aches and pain or other health conditions. Depression can also change the way an individual behave. Somebody with depression may yell and throw things, eat too little or too much, have trouble sleeping or feel tired most of the time.

When to seek help for Depression

Feeling low is a normal emotion to experience some times and determining when to seek treatment for low mood and depression can be difficult. Typically, when your low mood is preventing you from fulfilling your activities of daily living at work, school, or home, it is time to seek some help.

Treatment for Depression

It is possible to treat and manage depression and therapy can be very successful in resolving low mood and depression. Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps you to identify and challenge negative thinking and irrational beliefs that trigger depression. Mindfulness is a skill to directing your attention to the present moment and your responses to it physically, mentally, and emotionally. Tips for managing depression pertain to being mindful of yourself physically. Manage caffeine intake, eat balanced meals, and give yourself a physical outlet for energy such as exercise. With your therapist, you can work to identify triggers, responses, and a plan to cope with the triggers.

For more information about talking therapies and treatment programmes available at our Clinics in London, Milan and Rome please visit our Treatment page.


We offer Psychological Therapies for Depression to Adults, Children and Teenagers at our clinics in City of London, London Bridge, London Kensington, London IslingtonLondon Marylebone, London Oxford Circus, Milan City Life, Milan Porta RomanaRome San GiovanniRome Piazza Bologna, Rome Garbatella and Online worldwide.


All our Therapists offer Psychological Therapies for Derpession to Adults, Children and Teenagers. Click here to meet the Team.


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