Culture Shock & Homesickness Counselling in London

Culture Shock & Homesickness Counselling in London

What is Culture Shock and Homesickness

Culture Shock is a common problem among the expatriate community. Culture shock generally moves through four different phases: honeymoon, frustration, adjustment and acceptance.

The Honeymoon Stage is a positive phase, where the individual feels excited about the new country and becomes infatuated with the culture, people, food habits and language in their new environment.

The Frustration Stage is probably the most difficult of Culture Shock, where people feel a sense of rejection towards everything that has to do with their new environment. During this stage a strong feeling of homesickness may arise. Homesickness is usually associated with low mood.

The adjustment phase is characterised by a sense of adaptation. Expats feel more at ease in their new environment.  The language barrier becomes less intense at this stage as well as their ability to get by in their new surrounding.

Generally the final stage of culture shock is acceptance. However some expatriates struggle to resolve the mixed feelings they experience towards their new environment. Counselling can be a powerful resource that may help to resolve culture shock related issues.

Signs of Homesickness and Culture Shock

Individuals differ in the degree to which culture shock and homesickness affects them, but almost every expat is affected by it in one way or another. Signs and symptoms of culture shock and homesickness vary, but can include:

  • boredom
  • withdrawal 
  • feeling isolated
  • sleeping a lot or tiring easily
  • irritability
  • longing to be back home
  • low mood
  • anxiety

Counselling to Help you Cope with Homesickness and Culture Shock in London

The most effective treatment for Culture Shock and Homesickness is integrative therapy, also known as integrative counselling, which is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies.

For more information about talking therapies and treatment programmes available at our Clinics in London please visit our Treatment page.

Getting Therapy for Culture Shock and Homesickness in London

We offer Psychological Therapies to help you cope with Culture Shock and Homesickness at our clinics in Central London.


All our Therapists offer Psychological Therapies for Culture Shock to Adults, Children and Teenagers. Click here to meet the Team.


Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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