Work-Related Stress Counselling in London

Work-Related Stress Counselling in London

What is Work-Related Stress?

The term Work-Related Stress can be difined as physical, behavioural and emotional reactions that occur when work demands are not proportionate with the worker's skills, resources or needs. Stress at work can affect any worker, regardless of the area of employment, age, seniority level, company size.

In addition to influencing the health and safety of individuals, stress also affects the companies’ production, accident rate and performance.

Signs of Work-Related Stress

Common signs that an individual may be experiencing work-related stress include the following:
  • Concentration and attention problems
  • Memory problems
  • Nervousness and irritability.
  • Anxiety.
  • Pessimism.
  • Sleep disorders.

Treatment for Work-Related Stress

The most effective treatment for Work-Related Stress is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focussed on stress management skills.

For more information about talking therapies and treatment programmes available at our Clinics in London please visit our Treatment page.

Getting Counselling for Work-Related Stress in London

We offer Psychological Therapies for Work-Related Stress at our clinics in Central London.


All our Therapists offer Psychological Therapies for Work-Related Stress. Click here to meet the Team.


Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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