How to Heal a Friendship that Broke Down during Lockdown

People are finding themselves returning to their everyday lives as the pandemic slowly wears off. Among different other things, our friendships lost their touch due to the quarantine rules.

But now, as we re-enter life, here are five ways to rekindle friendships that fizzled out during lockdown.

1. Understand the circumstances

The pandemic introduced lots of stressors in people’s lives, so if your friends did not go along as well as they usually did, it probably has nothing to do with you. Consider this as you start meeting again, and don’t take things personally.

2. Be open with them

Instead of bottling them up, share, and communicate your feelings. If something bothers you about each other, don’t hide it and openly discuss it with them.

3. Ask to meet up in person

Texts and even calls can leave some things to be misinterpreted and taken out of context. If you’re serious about reconnecting, do it in person. Being in person will allow you to speak up your mind in a much more efficient way without any confusion. If you feel there is something important to discuss, such as an apology, then as tempting as it seems, don’t discuss it on the text and hold it off until you meet in person.

4. Alter your expectations

Don’t automatically assume what your friends are thinking. Accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes, and don’t be too quick to judge your friends. Instead, check things out first and accept that you could be wrong about what you think.

5. Put in some effort to keep in touch

Continual effort is required to maintain a friendship. What differentiates hi-bye friends from real friends is their willingness to make an effort, they make time and show appreciation. You do not have to meet once every week, but showing eagerness to connect and arranging a simple meet up once a while can go a long way in rekindling your friendship.

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