How To Improve Your Body Image

I think it’s fair to say that most people want to improve some aspect of their body. Body confidence is difficult to have, especially when competing with software-enhanced media representations in magazines and movies.

This is much worse in western societies where appearance is valued more than in other cultures. People want to look good because they think it’s the best way to ensure popularity, success and then ultimately, happiness. Sadly, this leads to a lot of problems like anxiety, depression, like people who have had extensive surgery and have scars, or people who have unusual noses or chins.

For many it causes unusual eating behaviours because being skinny has become the perceived “best.” So, how do we tackle this? First, we evaluate whether there are other problems in the person’s life that are being channelled into a fixation on a body part. Let me explain. Sometimes, when life gets challenging, people look for reasons why they are struggling. Let’s say, for example, money worries have gotten worse.

While most people will realise that everything else is great except for money, some people ‘misdirect’ their focus on other things as well, like their relationships and their bodies. If, for example, someone is struggling with work, the feeling of having spots on their face in the morning before going to work will be a lot more painful than someone who is happy at work.

The important message here is...

Are you truly unhappy with your body, or are you looking at your body in a negative way because of something else?

CBT is specifically designed to help you answer this question. CBT can show how your feelings towards your body can be improved without surgery or cosmetic products, simply by identifying the way that your feelings about other aspects of your life are causing your worries about body image. Most people really do have beautiful bodies from head to toe, and one of our therapists can help you untangle complex feelings that might make you doubt yours. Before buying one more well-advertised cosmetic product, give us a call for a more lasting and meaningful change in your life.

The International Psychology Clinic

The International Psychology Clinic

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