Is my wife cheating? 10 signs to look out for and what to do 


What Is Cheating?

Cheating, also known as in fidelity, is when a person in a monogamous romantic relationship has an emotional or sexual relationship with someone else without their partner’s consent. Infidelity, however, doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition. What one couple would consider cheating might be a healthy part of another couple’s relationship. For example, is an emotional connection with someone without physical intimacy cheating? What about an online relationship? What if a couple practices ethical non monogamy? Couples need to define for themselves what constitutes infidelity in the context of their relationship.

Challenges in a marriage come in many forms, often the most difficult one you will have to face is infidelity. It can be an enormous blow to a marriage. But if you’ve found your way to this article, it’s because you’ve had your suspicions and need to put your mind at ease. Before you jump the gun and try confronting your wife, you must be certain of her indiscretions. First and foremost, I will tell you this: If your gut tells you that your partner is cheating, it may be right. That said, you may want to gather other evidence before you confront your significant other about their behaviour. Common signs of infidelity that you might want to look for include:

1. More into Her Looks

if she becomes overly obsessed about it and wears revealing clothes, it can become a warning sign of cheating. Still, despite the similarity, there is a distinct difference between caring about your appearance and dressing to impress. So, pay attention to how much emphasis she puts on her looks and when she does it before meeting someone specific or going to certain places) before you suspect your wife of cheating

2. She starts acting distant

Something suddenly feels “off” about her. She is physically present but is always lost in her thoughts. You ask her if there’s something that’s bothering her but the answer is always no. However, you can tell something mysterious is underway. Her actions are peculiar and she might act shifty or fidgety. These can be signs of cheating guilt

3. She guards her phone

Partners engaged in infidelity often cheat over the internet, either on their computer or phone. If your partner is overly protective of their electronic devices or defensive about spending time on them, that might mean they don’t want you to know who they’re talking to.

4. Irritated. Picks up a fight

You’re telling a joke, and she hates it! She’s not on her period, no. She’s showing some physical signs your wife is cheating. If you feel that she’s always in a bad mood or is very much irritated with you, then it’s one sure sign she is cheating.

5. She’s suddenly unavailable to you and your family

If she was once an attentive wife and mother, but has pulled back and spends more time doing the things she wants to do, it might be because she is trying to distance herself from the people she is hurting with her affair.

6. Lack of Intimacy

If your spouse is displaying cheating behaviour, continue to look for these signs of an unfaithful spouse:

  • She never initiates intimacy
  • There are endless reasons why she does not want sex
  • A considerable lack of connection exists between you and your wife
  • You and your wife have a pretty nonexistent sex life

7. Altered Schedule

If working late is suddenly a new normal even though your partner’s job doesn’t require it, they may not be telling the truth about where they are.

8. Hypercriticism

A person who is cheating on their partner will sometimes try to practice dissonance reduction by telling themselves their partner is not worthy of honesty or faithfulness. To prove to themselves that their partner isn’t worthy, they may begin to criticize or demean their partner regularly. If your partner suddenly finds fault with everything you do, you’re probably not the problem.

9. She avoids taking you to events

She has her own social life where you are not usually involved. She likes being on her own. She has a group of friends you have no idea about and doesn’t think about taking you to any of these events.

10. She doesn’t look too happy

One of the surefire signs your wife is cheating is that you don’t make her happy anymore. You give her surprises and bring her presents but it doesn’t seem to light her up. She is always lost in her thoughts and she doesn’t want to share things with you anymore. Note that the first option will work only if cheating in relationships is something you can forgive and move past. However, would it make sense to try if you know you will resent your wife for life? It is for you to decide

Finding out your partner cheated can bring up an array of emotions. You may feel angry, sad, guilty, betrayed, and more. It is usually difficult to think immediately after you’ve found out about infidelity. You should consider the following:

  • This is a volatile and sensitive period, and it’s okay to feel anger and sadness. Seek professional help immediately if you think you might hurt yourself or someone else, or destroy property.
  • Consider seeing a therapist either alone or as a couple. A professionally trained counselor is a great resource to guide reconciliation or establishing a new life without your partner, whichever you choose.
  • Ask all the questions in your head before throwing them at your spouse. This will give you a better perspective.
  • Now, it’s time to confront your partner and calmly ask them the right questions. Communicate. Neither should you be the only one to talk or the only one to listen. Ask all the Why’s, How’s, When’s, and Where’s.
  • If you were the partner who cheated, an essential first step towards reconciliation is to take responsibility for your actions


If you are experiencing the physical signs of a wife cheating on the husband, we understand this can be a difficult phase for you where everything could seem to halt. However, with the right approach and professional help, you are sure to move on hopefully with a renewed approach.

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