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What is Abuse?

Abuse is defined as the act of using something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong. Abuse can occur in many types of relationships that exist between two people. In the United States of America, approximately 4 million referral reports were received in 2017 which involved 7.2 million children. In the United Kingdom, an estimated 58,000 children were reported in the same year needing protection from abuse. That's why we're offering Abuse Counselling in London.

How can Abuse Counselling help?

Abuse Counselling in London can be helpful by allowing survivors to identify and process their emotions. Additionally, in counselling, survivors will have the opportunity to learn and practise coping skills to manage and regulate their emotions, while learning how to express their emotions in a positive and healthy manner. Candidates may participate in individual therapy or group therapy. The most appropriate form of counselling will be determined by the client and the therapist.  Abuse can manifest in various forms and create barriers in personal relationships between the survivor and loved ones in their lives.

Types of Abuse

You may benefit from receiving treatment for Abuse if you have suffered from any of the types listed below:

  • Domestic violence is the exercise of power and control through abusive behaviours that include: willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior. Domestic violence occurs between intimate partners and it includes physical violence, sexual violence, threats, and emotional/psychological abuse. The frequency and severity of domestic violence is subjective between partners. After that, You can call us for Abuse Counselling in London in such conditions.
  • Physical Abuse is defined as someone inflicting harm  or allowing harm to be inflicted onto another person by means of a physical act which causes serious injury to another person. Physical Abuse may include, but is not limited to punching, beating, shaking, throwing, kicking, biting, and burning. Additionally, physical abuse may occur if a caregiver creates a situation of imminent danger for the child.
  • Sexual Abuse is defined as unwanted and unconsented sexual activity with perpetrators use force, make threats, or take advantage of another person who is unable to provide consent. Additionally, sexual abuse may occur without contact and referred to as 'non-contact abuse'. Non-contact Abuse includes grooming, flashing, and encouraging a child to watch or hear sexual acts.
  • Psychological or Similarly, Emotional Abuse is defined as the act of an individual intentionally reducing confidence and self-esteem in another person by means of tactics such as intimidation, bullying, and isolation to exert control and fostering co-dependence in their victim. Get abuse counselling in London to overcome them.
  • Financial Abuse is defined as the act of someone manipulating decisions regarding money, or controlling access to money or other property without your knowledge or consent. Financial abuse can occur for anyone and at any age.

Special Types

  • Neglect is defined as the failure of a caregiver to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, or supervision to the degree that the child’s health and safety are compromised and in danger or harmed.

Abuse Treatment in London

Psychological treatments (also known as talking therapies) can help you heal from the abusive relationships and experiences you and/or your loved ones have gone through.

There are several types of effective psychological treatments for Abuse, as well as different delivery options. Some people prefer to work one to one with a professional, while others get more out of a group environment. A growing number of online programs, or e-therapies, are also available.

Several different types of therapy may be effective for Abuse, such as: trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Parent-Child Psychotherapy, Child Psychotherapy & Counselling and EMDR. The type of treatment depends on the specific abuse that occurred.

In conclusion, for more information about talking abuse therapy and abuse treatment programmes available at our Clinics in London please visit our Treatment page.

Getting Abuse Therapy in London

We offer Abuse Counselling and Psychological Therapies for Abuse to Adults, Children and Teenagers at our clinics in Central London.

Team for Abuse Counselling in London

All our Therapists offer Psychological Therapies for Abuse to Adults, Children and Teenagers. Click here to meet the Team.


Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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Abuse Counselling in London | Abuse Treatment & Therapy

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Abuse Counselling in London | Abuse Treatment & Therapy

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