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No matter what you refer to it as - adultery, betrayal, infidelity, an extramarital relationship, or simply cheating - the outcome of an affair is a tumultuous emotional storm.

When an affair is uncovered, it's like throwing a massive rock into a tranquil lake. The initial reaction is significant and intense, but what follows are the ripples that radiate outward from the epicenter - the doubts, accusations, and long-held resentments that bubble to the surface.

Discovering an affair and the aftermath can reveal the weakest areas of a relationship and question everything we believed about our connection with our partner and our capacity to accurately assess others.

The factors that contribute to infidelity are multifaceted and vary from case to case. It depends on individual circumstances, personal needs, and the state of the relationship. Oftentimes, an affair occurs because there is an underlying issue in the relationship that goes unaddressed.

Whether you seek therapy as a couple or an individual, relationship counselling after an affair aims to work through the emotions that arise from the revelation of betrayal.

Affairs and Betrayals Therapy in London

It is reported that approximately 25-40% of women and 50-60%of men will participate in an affair during the span of their marriage. Reasoning for affairs range from feeling unheard, unappreciated, neglected sexually and emotionally, and prioritizing family above a romantic relationship with your spouse. Approximately 85% of affairs begin in the workplace as a result of spending exorbitant amounts of time with colleagues. Additionally, emotional infidelity can rival physical infidelity in damage to the relationship and is sometimes considered to be more harmful to the relationship than physical infidelity. Social media and the internet have provided new platforms for people to engage in affairs and betrayals. Approximately 65% of marriages that experience affairs, end and 35% continue.

Why do Affairs and Betrayals happen?

An emotional affair is believed to begin with an innocuous friendship and gradually evolve into something greater. Affairs are typically multi-causal and individuals seek understanding for the affair in their relationship and their beliefs.

Effects of Affairs and Betrayals

Affairs can have long-term impacts on relationships. The individual who was cheated on can experience a sense of distrust and engage in risk taking behaviors such as using excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol. Partners who assume the responsibility for the behavior surrounding the affair are more likely to engage in the aforementioned risk taking behaviors, while partners who didn’t assume responsibility were less likely to engage in risk taking behaviours.

How can Couples Counselling help after an Affair?

Therapy can serve as a tool to navigate issues that encompassed the relationship prior to the affair. Often, therapy is pursued as a method to help couples determine the future of the relationship and process the experience. A Therapist can serve as a supportive listener and assist the couple with their decision regarding the future of the relationship. If the couple chooses to maintain the relationship, the Therapist can assist in helping them navigate reparation. A Therapist can assist the couple through processing the feelings surrounding the affair, teaching the couple skills that will assist in rebuilding trust and guide the couple through the healing process.

Additionally, a therapist can help the couple identify and process both healthy and unhealthy behaviours in the relationship such as codependency or emotional abuse. If the couple chooses to end the relationship, the Therapist can assist in helping the couple identify and process through their feelings regarding the affair. It is important to note that recovery and healing is not linear and is subjective to the couple. The Therapist can assist in helping the couple identify and process feelings from the trauma phase, issues clarification, and addressing the issues.

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Getting Therapy for Affairs and Betrayals in London

Our Affairs Counselling in London offer Psychological Therapy for Affairs and Betrayals at our clinics in Central London.


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Affairs Counselling Fees

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Further Reading about Infidelity

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Affairs Counselling in London | Therapy for Affairs & Betrayals

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Affairs Counselling in London | Therapy for Affairs & Betrayals

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