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What are Impulsive Behaviours?

Impulsive behaviour are characterised by a strong need to perform an irrational and unplanned action, without evaluating its consequences. They are usually present within a broader diagnostic framework, and are part of conditions such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and eating disorders (bulimia and binge eating disorder).

The inability to inhibit impulsive behaviour alters individuals' relational skills from early childhood. Children who have difficulty controlling impulses have less capacity for cooperation with adults; their primary relationships are usually compromised by impulsiveness and disorganised behavior. Impulsivity can be expressed by self-injurious acts or aggression towards oneself or others.

Signs of Impulsive Behaviour

The signs that you or a loved one may be suffering from Impulsive Behaviour can include:

  1. Impulsive behaviours such as substance abuse, risky sexual behaviour, self-harm, compulsive shopping and binge eating.
  2. Extremely quick actions that happen instantly, often with high risk for the individual.

Therapy for Impulsive Behaviour in London

Effective treatment for issues related to Impulsive Behaviour in childhood, adolescence and adulthood is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Studies have shown that CBT can have a long-lasting impact on helping people managing their impulsive behaviours.

For more information about talking therapies and Impulsive Behaviours treatment programmes available at our Clinics in London please visit our Treatment page.

Getting Treatment for Impulsive Behaviours in London

We offer Psychological Therapy for Impulsive Behaviours treatment to Adults, Children and Teenagers at our clinics in Central London.

Impulsive Behaviour Counselling Team

All our Therapists offer Psychological treatment to Adults, Children and Teenagers for Impulsive Behaviour counselling in London. Click here to meet the Team.


Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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Impulsive Behaviour Counselling in London | Impulsive Behaviour Treatment & Therapy

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Impulsive Behaviour Counselling in London | Impulsive Behaviour Treatment & Therapy

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