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What is Perfectionism?

Clinical perfectionism is characterised by a relentless striving for extreme high standards for oneself and for other people in at least one salient domain of ​​the individual’s life (eg. school, work, sport, relationships, etc.). Clinical perfectionists constantly strive for ambitious goals and judge their self-worth on the achievement of these goals. All this despite the adverse consequences that clinical perfectionism entails in terms of considerable psycho-physical fatigue and anxiety.

Those suffering from dysfunctional or negative perfectionism can never do enough to be satisfied with their performance. Their self-esteem depends strictly on achieving their objectives. The typical way of thinking of the perfectionist is characterised by all / nothing, dualistic and antithetical thoughts such as: complete / incomplete, satisfied / dissatisfied, success / failure.

Signs of Clinical Perfectionism

Common signs that an individual may be struggling with Clinical Perfectionism include the following:
  1. Fear of failure
  2. Performance-driven behaviour
  3. Self-criticism
  4. Negative evaluation of themselves and their abilities

Therapy for Clinical Perfectionism in London

The most effective Perfectionism treatment for low Clinical Perfectionism is Cognitive Behavioural therapy.CBT focuses on the belief that clinical perfectionism is undesirable, on the dispute of negative automatic thoughts and on the replacement of unfunctional cognitive schemas with more functional ones. In the therapeutic process, individuals learn how to set specific and realistic goals, to focus on the process of a task instead of its result, to organise activities in a hierarchy depending on their significance and, finally, to feel fulfilled even if they have not brought a task to completion. 

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Getting Counselling for Perfectionism in London

We offer Psychological Therapies for Clinical Perfectionism treatment to Adults, Children and Teenagers at our clinics in Central London.

Perfectionism Counselling Team in London

All our Therapists offer Psychological Therapies for Clinical Perfectionism treatment to Adults, Children and Teenagers. Click here to meet the Team.


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Perfectionism Counselling in London | Perfectionism Treatment & Therapy

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Perfectionism Counselling in London | Treatment & Therapy

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