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Attachment-based Therapy in London - Counselling & Treatment

What is Attachment-based Therapy?

Attachment-based Therapy is a considered a brief form of psychological counselling. The focus is on the expression of emotions while establishing and building trust in the relationship between clients and therapists. This approach examines the attachments and connections between infants and their caregivers and focuses on the infant’s ability to develop appropriately, resulting in the ability to form healthy emotional and physical connections in their adult life.

Attachment-based Therapy may be used in individual, family, couples, and group therapy and is appropriate for children and adults. The primary goal of Attachment-based Therapy is to help clients mend or recover from fractured family relationships. Attachment-based Therapy has been used to treat adolescents who are contemplating suicide or experiencing depression. The premise of Attachment-based Therapy is that a strong early attachment to a caregiver in infancy is necessary to instill a sense of security in the infant, allowing the infant to explore, learn from new experiences, and establish connections with others.

How does Attachment-based Therapy work?

While attending Attachment-based Therapy sessions, you will:

  • work together with your therapist to address the impact of the fractured familial relationship.
  • be asked to participate in group sessions with your family members to rebuild and strengthen the relationships within the family unit.
  • work with your therapist to address attachment issues and will strive to form a secure bond with your therapist.
  • participate in sessions that occur one time per week and last approximately 50 minutes.

Getting Attachment-based Therapy in London

We offer Attachment-based Therapy at our clinics in Central London.

Therapists for Attachment-based Counselling & Treatment in London

All our Therapists offer Attachment-based Therapy. Click here to meet the Team.

Fees for Attachment-based Therapy in London

Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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Attachment-based Therapy in London

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Attachment-based Therapy in London

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