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Many children have problems that affect how they feel, behave, or learn. When children have emotional or behavioral problems, the earlier they get treatment, the easier it is to help them. Therapy is a type of treatment that can effectively help your child.

Child Psychologists treat a range of emotional and behavioural problems, including Anxiety, Low Mood, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Conduct Disorders, Attachment Disorders and Trauma.

Our Child Psychologists in London are extensively trained and experienced in working with children of all ages. They speak with children using words and language children understand. Our Child Psychologists are trained to carefully observe a child and respond to what they might be communicating through their behaviour and play. We offer a range of Private Child Therapy services in London. Below is a breakdown of the Psychological Therapies for Children available at our London Therapy Clinics.

Useful Info

Useful Info


Our therapy clinics are in London Marylebone NW1, Oxford Circus W1, Kensington W8, Shoreditch E1, Islington N1, London Bridge SE1.


Therapy sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our hourly fees on our fees page.


Our Therapists are experienced and highly trained, but most of all they are the ones our clients like. Check their profile page to learn more.

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