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To help cope with different types of mental issues, clinicians and researchers in psychology have introduced many therapies so far. Some works on past experiences like psychoanalytic therapy, some looks at the thinking process and changing behaviours such as cognitive and behavioural therapies, and some focuses on the potential of the person at the moment, like humanistic therapies.

Humanistic psychotherapy is the therapeutic model based on humanistic psychology. It focusses on self-development and growth. Its aim is to help clients recognise their strengths, creativity and choice in the 'here and now'.

While there are many therapies that work on the cause of an issue, plan a solution, and help the client implement it, a humanistic approach is all about making the person realise his complete potential.

What is Humanistic Therapy?

It is a mental health approach that solely focusses on the importance of achieving the level of the true self to have a fulfilling life.

Humanistic therapy is client-centred and recognise the relationship between therapist and client as significant in creating conditions for growth.

This is based on the idea of individual differences. Every individual has a different perception and thoughts about life and the world. How we think shapes our desires and choices. It also holds the idea that every person has the potential to be good and reasonable about the choices he makes. Everyone can make the right choice. However, it is necessary to believe in oneself to achieve full potential.

How does Humanistic Psychotherapy in London work?

Humanistic therapy aims at a better understanding of the surroundings and thus developing a sense of true self-acceptance. When you accept yourself as a worthy individual and take the front wheel of your life, you will make the right decisions.

The basic learning of this approach is to let the client develop unconditional positive regard. It means that you are grateful for what you have and how people treat you without any reason or any expectations in return. It also makes you believe that you don’t have to act in a certain way to be liked by others. If you fall into that trap, you will always think like you aren’t enough.

If you feel worthless, it can impact your way of looking at the world and life negatively. The humanistic approach says that whatever you think and believe makes your actions and thoughts. A therapist uses the following goals and techniques in this Humanistic Therapy & Counselling:

  • Therapist Listening Technique
  • Assuming that you are all good.
  • Giving you the power to decide.
  • Treating you as a whole person
  • Dealing with issues at the moment
  • Identification of your needs.
  • Acceptance of responsibilities.
  • Solutions seeking

What can Humanistic Psychotherapy in London help with?

Humanistic psychotherapy can help you if you are looking to make your life more fulfilling and worthy. If you feel like you are not worthy enough or that you have to change yourself to make people like you, humanistic therapy can help you clear out those negative thoughts.

Humanistic therapy can be effective for people suffering from mental illnesses such as:

  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Chronic health issues
  • Family issues
  • Personality development issues

What results come from attending Humanistic Psychotherapy sessions?

Usually, a few sessions are required to see the actual change. At first, the therapist only focusses on listening and building up rapport. When you have heard the whole story, they start indulging in small steps.

A humanistic therapist never barges into giving the treatment plan right away. The therapist will pursue a meaningful and thoughtful conversation with you making you realise how much you are worth it. The therapy will make you look at yourself in a new positive light. You will be strong and confident enough to make the necessary decisions in your life.

Once you get out of the therapy, you will be this new person with a positive thought pattern and a new approach towards life. You will be able to make healthier decisions and a better lifestyle. This is what you get from humanistic psychotherapy.

What can I expect from receiving Humanistic Psychotherapy sessions?

Humanistic Psychotherapy helps and individual in finding his true self. The main aim of this therapy is to induce confidence and self-worth in the client. Once you know you can do it, you can do much better than it. Believing in yourself and putting yourself at first is the first step towards a healthy life. Following are the goals that are achieved in humanistic psychotherapy:

  • Focus on positive behaviour and traits only.
  • Focus on your intuition.
  • Meeting your own needs first should be your priority.
  • Accomplishing your own goals should shape your actions.

What is unique to Humanistic Psychotherapy?

Humanistic therapy is different from all other traditional therapies such as behavioural therapy or psychoanalysis. It focusses more on your present and day-to-day life. Humanistic Counselling is not the type of therapy that would focus on the past experiences that sometimes you don’t even remember.

It is all about being in the moment and generating a solution on your own. Also, it is not only focused on one issue or illness. It doesn’t diagnose the person with any certain mental issue. Rather humanistic psychotherapy is all about treating the person as a whole.

Humanistic therapies achieve this goal by making the client talk and actively listening to them. They will listen to your words carefully with complete concentration to make sure you are understood properly. Asking follow-up questions is another way of showing their interest.

You are your boss – that is the main perspective of humanistic psychotherapy. A therapist will make you believe that you can make the right decisions for yourself. They even let you decide in every session so that you can feel the freedom of taking control of your life. However, they will talk you up to make the right and healthy decision.

Unlike other therapies, humanistic therapy is focused mainly on the true potential of a person. There is no diagnosis, no treatment plan, and no labelling. It will just focus on the fact that you are an individual and you can make your life healthy and all better.

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