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We often use stories to tell others about our lives, share our experiences, sort out a few thoughts and ideas, and much more. Stories often organise our thoughts and direct us towards one route of reality. It is seen that, people become able to figure out their identity issues and confusion when they sort out a story of their life.

What is your story?

Narrative therapy revolves around this question. The main goal of this therapy is to explore the opportunities for development and growth along with finding the meaning of one’s life. If you are not aware of this therapy, here is a complete guide for you.

What is Narrative Therapy?

By definition, it is a form of therapy that aims to isolate a person from his issues. It allows the individual to externalise their issues instead of internalising them. It is all an individual’s own skill set and the ability to go through difficult times of life. When people see their issues from a far off place, they become able to figure out what role that problem is actually playing in their lives.

This therapy was developed by two therapists from New Zealand; Michael White and David Epston. They believed that the most important part of treatment is to isolate the person from destructive or problematic behaviour first.

They based narrative therapy on three main ideas:

1. It is non-blaming

Clients are never blamed for the mistakes they do. Also, they are not allowed or encouraged to blame others as well. Problems are inevitable and can happen with anyone, there is no point of blaming.

2. It is respectful

No one is defective, negative, or the bad one. Everyone has dignity and respect, so clients should be treated that way. In sharing their stories, they might reveal their mistakes, therapists cannot disrespect them no matter how wrong they have done.

3. The client is the Expert

This therapy views the client as the expert instead of the therapist. It is very obvious that the client is actually the expert in their life, and both parties need to move forward in the therapy with this understanding.

How Does Narrative Therapy in London Work?

Just like other therapies, a comfortable environment is offered to the client to talk and be open. However, the techniques used in this therapy are different from the others. Here are some major techniques used in narrative therapy:

1. Telling the story

It is the duty of the therapist to help the client find their voice and narrate their story as per their wish. The basics of this storytelling are to encourage the client to find the purpose and meaning of their life as per their experience.

Also, this technique includes re-storying where the client is given the opportunity to narrate the story in a different way and make a new one. It is believed that a single event can be explained in multiple ways.

2. Externalisation

This technique focusses on the fact that problematic behaviour is not what we are, in fact, it is a part of our personality which can be changed. The client is encouraged to view their issues from a different angle and believe that the core personality doesn’t need a change. A small change in behaviour can help a lot.

3. Deconstruction

In this technique, the therapist helps the client to overcome over-generalising the issues and be as specific as they can be. It becomes easier to understand the ‘whole picture’. It also clarifies what the core issues are. When we ignore the core-reason behind any issue, it becomes so big that we find no further solution.

This technique helps the client dig into their problems and figure out what is actually causing the stress. They start understanding the patterns of their life.

4. Existentialism

Existentialism and narrative therapy go side by side, as the client is taught that there was no prior meaning to anything, you yourself must give meaning to your life. Rather than searching for an absolute truth that might not resonate with their priorities, they must give meaning to their life on their own.

What Can Narrative Therapy in London Help with?

Couples, families, and even individuals can benefit from this therapy. If you often feel like ‘you are depressed, or you are a stressful person’, and you don’t the reason for this, narrative therapy is the best for you.

It is for the people who are confused about their lives and don’t know what is happening with them. For instance, couples who fight all the time, but don’t know what exactly is bothering their relationship. Narrative therapy helps the clients understand their life better and give meaning to it.

What Can I Expect from Receiving Narrative Therapy Sessions?

Your therapist will give you a comfortable environment and give you a direction by starting the conversation right away. The therapist will find out what your preferences are, what do you want to talk about? It can be about the problem you are facing or can be anything you are interested in.

After some time, the therapist will encourage you to share more positive and healthy stories about yourself that will prove your skills and abilities. Though you will be telling the stories, this will come surprising to you how much you are skilled to address problems in your life.

After successfully receiving the therapy, you will be able to:

  • Think positively about things happening around
  • Sort out productive ways out of a problem
  • See a future with no stress and confusion
  • Understand a better meaning of life

How is Narrative Therapy Different from Other Therapy Approaches?

Where all other traditional therapies are about exploring the past of the client and finding the problem. Afterwards, most of these therapies focus on the therapist being the expert in the room. Mostly, the therapist guides the client to solve any issue and change any patterns.

But, narrative therapy addresses the issues in a different way. In this therapy, the client is the expert. Moreover, the story-telling technique makes this therapy very unique. The client gets to make their own story and change their life.

Getting Narrative Therapy in London

We offer Narrative Therapy at our clinics in Central London.


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Fees for Narrative Therapy London

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