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Psychologist Online Therapy in London | Skype Counselling

How does Online Therapy work?

Online therapy follows the same structure of face-to-face sessions. Sessions last for 50 minutes and take place weekly.

Does Online Therapy actually work?

Recent studies support the effectiveness of online therapy. Online therapy / skype counselling has been proven scientifically to be as effective as face-to-face consultations with many additional benefits. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is equally as strong and effective in online therapy as it is in real-life therapy.

Already numerous studies suggest that internet counselling, when combined with cognitive behaviour therapy, can be effective on a variety of clinical issues, such as generalised anxiety, panic attacks, low mood & depression, relationship difficulties,  personal growth & motivation, anger management, stress management, just to name a few. Online Therapy is also helpful for people who find it difficult to leave home because of mobility issues, medical illnesses, agoraphobia or social anxiety.

What are the advantages of Online Therapy?

Online therapy is increasingly popular, particularly among people who travel frequently for work. There are many benefits for clients associated with accessing therapy online over video confering platforms. Online therapy or coaching by Skype, FaceTime or Thera-link may be a practical alternative to in-office visits.

With online services, clients are not constrained by geography and physical mobility.

Commuting to your therapist's office during business hours can be difficult. You might need to ask your line manager for time off. If he or she asks what it’s for, you might not be comfortable telling him or her it’s for therapy. For those who disclose they are are going to therapy, there is the risk of feeling judged and not understood by their coworkers and managers.

Online counselling may also be effective in eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy.

For those who are uncomfortable with receiving therapy, online counselling allows access to treatment in private without having to visit a therapy clinic. The absence of face-to-face interactions can also prompt a client to communicate more openly with his or her therapist, without concerns for bias of race, gender, age, size or physical appearance. This may lead to an increased level of honesty and therefore better therapeutic engagement and results.

Online therapy is discreet and confidential.

Clients don't need to travel to a particular location and can meet with their therapist from the comfort of their home. Accessing therapy from the comfort of your home makes sure you access therapy on time and with no extra travel time required. Travelling to and from your therapist's office could add an extra two hours or more to your day if there isn't a therapy clinic near your home or work.

Online therapy is convenient and effective.

Virtual therapy is ideal if you live or work abroad or if you travel very frequently and cannot meet with your therapist at his or her office on a weekly basis. Online therapy services are particularly useful for those individuals who have a busy work schedule. Scheduling time with a therapist can be quite flexible when accessing therapy online.

Therapists and Psychologist for Online Therapy in London

All our Therapists offer Online Therapy & Skype Counselling. Click here to meet the Team.

Fees for Psychologist Online Therapy in London

Sessions with our Psychologists are by prepaid appointments only. You can find out more about our fees on our Fees Page.

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Psychologist Online Therapy in London | Skype Counselling

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Psychologist Online Therapy in London | Skype Counselling

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