How Do I Choose The Right Therapeutic Approach For My Issues?

HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT THERAPEUTIC APPROACH FOR MY ISSUES? Dr Martina Paglia talks about how to choose the right therapeutic approach for your issues. Our Psychologists are skilled at using techniques from a wide range of therapeutic styles to help people manage and overcome a range of problems. One of the tasks of …

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5 Tips to Manage ADHD

Procrastination is a common experience for most of us; whether it’s binge watching Netflix or scrolling through every social media app on your phone before even considering buckling down to work. This is even more difficult and frequent for individuals diagnosed with ADHD, who struggle to maintain concentration, switch off from distractions, plan ahead and …

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Welcome to the International Psychology Clinic

ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY CLINIC Dr Martina Paglia, our Clinical Director welcomes you to The International Psychology Clinic. At the heart of The International Psychology Clinic is commitment to mental healthcare and our clients. We are a highly successful Psychology Clinic offering a range of specialist psychological services in London, Milan, Rome and Online worldwide. We …

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