Talking Dirty to Your Partner


Girls love it when their men whisper dirty in their ears in a deep and husky tone. It is an ultimate turn-on and can make any woman weak in their knees. 

Seducing with words can enhance your sexual experience by 100%. The way you communicate, your voice, your tone, and how you describe your desires can turn even a regular discussion with your girlfriend into a hot, steamy, and sexy hook-up. 

So how to talk dirty with your lover? Here is a guide to talking dirty to your partner and phrases that will make her wet instantly with just your words. 

Tips to Talk Dirty

You can say the dirtiest, sexiest, and hottest phrases your girl has ever heard, but various other factors go into making them sound desirous. 

1. Lighten Your Voice

Our regular voices have a high pitch, which makes everything sound normal. But when talking sexy, a lower, lighter, and breathy tone will have your lady feel tingly between her legs. 

You might already have a naturally sexy and husky voice, so these extra steps don't matter. But imagine her hearing you talk in a raspier and lighter seductive tone for the first time. 

Women find men with a soft, raspy voices irresistible, especially when flirting. 

2. Whisper-Flirt

Changing your tone when flirting has a bewitching effect on ladies. Girls notice the change in your voice when you talk to them, and it is sexy for them. 

So if you want her to notice how much you crave her, and want her all to yourself, whisper those sweet nothings in her ear, and make it sound hot. Soon, her eyes will be on you, and she is all yours. 

3. Make Her Swoon with Compliments

Talking dirty is not always about sex. Sometimes, a compliment about how she looks, her sweet fragrance, and her dress can make girls feel special. It makes her feel good and shows that your eyes are on her. 

Moreover, complimenting your girlfriend when she looks and feels good is arousing, as she loves having that seductive effect on you. 

4. Read Some Fantasy Erotica Novels

Erotica books are perfect for amping your dirty talk. Erotica writers create sultry, steamy sex scenes which are arousing to read. 

Try reading an erotic book or two to find various phrases, tips, and ideas on talking dirty with your partner. 

You can try reading out those sex scenes in a low husky tone to her, making her feel aroused and horny for you with desire. 

5. Have Fun Talking Dirty

Relax and enjoy talking dirty. Putting too much effort will make your words and actions feel scripted. Instead, lean into it, and say what you feel about your girl. 

Feeling stressed can ruin the fun. So instead, talk dirty only when both of you are comfortable, and enjoy these naughty moments with your words. 

Things to Say When Talking Dirty

Here are some phrases that can make your foreplay steamy and heavy with passion:

1. "I am craving you so bad"

Let's say you are at work and can't wait to see your lady back home. Send her this text and take over her mind right away. It's sexual and shows how much you crave her touch and how she makes you feel in bed. 

Talking dirty doesn't always have to be face-to-face. And texts like these are a huge turn-on. It's sexy, seductive, and makes your girlfriend crave you more than ever. 

2. " feel so good"

There is a raw, sensual energy in this phrase. Perfect for when you two are hooking up, skins touching, and all over each other. 

Phrases like these are genuine and can only be said when you feel her against you. 

3. "Can't stop thinking about you..."

A small phrase with a big impact. Saying this after a long day to your girlfriend is tempting as now she knows that she was part of your thoughts the whole day.

Plus, it is mischievous as you never mention if your thoughts were racy. But with the right tone, this phrase can have both of you getting wild and passionate in no time.

4."..Good girl.."

It's cute and sexy, and girls love when you call them "good" in bed. Say it when you are teasing her and the temperature's rising. Or when she is on top, and you love how she is moving against you. 

This phrase is also encouraging, as it shows you love what she is doing, are seduced by it, and want more of it as things get more ravishing.


In conclusion, talk dirty to her. Make her feel special, and enjoy saying these flirtatious and seductive phrases to see her bite her lips in arousal. 

With the right tone, timing, and phrases, you will find that talking dirty with your lover is a piece of cake.

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