Meet Our Team

We choose our London, Milan and Rome Private Therapists carefully. All our Consultants are experienced and highly trained, but most of all they are the ones our clients like to work with. Check their profile page to learn more about their credentials and areas of expertise.

London Team

Dr Martina Paglia
Clinical & Counselling Psychologist
Clinical Director
Dr Antonella Trotta
Clinical Psychologist London
Children, Adults & Couples
Dr Alessandra De Acutis
Counselling Psychologist London
Adults, Couples & Families
Dr Alessandro Bruno
GMC Registered Psychiatrist
General Adult Psychiatry

Milan & Rome Team

Dr Camilla Gamba
Psychologist Psychotherapist Milan
Adults, Couples & Families
Dr Juan Couto
Psychological Counsellor Milan
Children, Adults & Couples
Dr Carlo Mario Rago
Psychologist Rome
Children, Adults & Couples
Dr Daria Russo
Clinical Psychologist Rome
Children, Adults & Couples

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