Dr Arianna Perini

Dr Arianna Perini

English-speaking Psychologist Psychotherapist Turin

Psychotherapy, CBT & Counselling in Turin in English

Qualifications: B.Psych, Psy.D

Accreditation: Italian National Council of Psychologists, Piedmont Regional Council of Psychologists

Location at: Turin & Online

Languages: English & Italian

Fees: Individual Therapy (50 min.) 100€; Couples/Family Therapy (50 min.) 120€

Watch Dr Arianna's Profile Video

Watch Dr Arianna's Profile Video

English-speaking Psychologist Turin

English-speaking Psychologist Turin

My Credentials

I am an English-speaking Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Turin. I graduated in Psychology at the University of Turin and completed a 4 years psychotherapy training at the Alfred Adler Institute in Turin.

I have gained expertise in a number of settings, such as: Primary Care Services, Psychotherapy Departments, Psychiatric Acute Mental Health Wards; a Drug Addiction Service, inpatient and outpatient Eating Disorders Services, Private Practice and Prison.

I am able to engage with patients with a broad range of mental health difficulties, including depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and personality disorders across the lifespan. I work with children, adults, teenagers, couples and families.

My Approach

I have been doing my job as a therapist with passion and dedication for the past 15 years, deeply respecting the times and needs of each individual client. I strongly believe that the therapeutic alliance between client and therapist is key to positive therapy outcomes. I genuinely enjoy the challenges of working with people from all cultural backgrounds.

I use an integrated approach, drawing on principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic approaches. Therapy is a process where we work together towards helping you to make positive changes aimed at improving your relationships and quality of life.

I value using a positive and non-judgmental approach with my clients. I encourage my clients to be as honest and transparent as possible since the beginning of our work together, since this produces effective results. My aim is to create a safe place, where my clients can freely express themselves.

About Me

I like exercising to keep myself fit and I love travelling the world to get to know different cultures.


I am a Private English speaking Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Turin specialised in psychological therapies for adults, children, couples, families and teenagers.

Recent Reviews

Highly Recommended ★★★★★

I went to see a psychologist at the International Psychology Clinic when I was in the process of weaning off anti-depressants and found that they were very able to help me. I was very pleased with the psychologist I saw and would recommend this business highly.”
- Sam

5* therapist ★★★★★

If you are looking for the best psychologist ever, your search is over. I can confidently recommend this practice. Martina has a quality that is rare in a person and deserves all the success she gets.”
- Grace

Top service ★★★★★

The doctor I saw helped me recover from my divorce. I am very grateful for his knowledge and his guidance and would recommend him to anyone as a committed, highly knowledgeable and professional psychologist who gets results.”
- Elen

Great support ★★★★★

Dr Martina Paglia really helped me go through a difficult period. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with panic attacks.”
- Ashley

Good therapist ★★★★★

I had a positive experience of therapy with Dr Martina Paglia. She is a great therapist and really cares about her clients.”
- Anna

Feel much better ★★★★★

I feel much better since I started therapy with Dr Martina Paglia. She always seems to know the right questions to ask to find out what was worrying me.”
- Michael

Thank you! ★★★★★

Dr Russo is very helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable. I saw some real changes in me that I couldn't get with many others.”
- Charlotte

My sessions were excellent! ★★★★★

Exceptional psychologist. Highly skilled, very considerate and professional.”
- Andrea

Excellent service ★★★★★

Great doctor, listened to all my problems and was really helpful. I can sincerely recommend Dr Russo to others as well.”
- Kim

Great service ★★★★★

The service provided to me by Dr Trotta was great. I have enjoyed it a lot; super deep professionalism as well as lots of resolutions tips given to me; in 1 word I have been given a top service.”
- Mark

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