Dr Daria Russo

Dr Daria Russo

American Psychologist Rome


Qualifications: B.Psych, MSc Psych, Psy.D

Accreditation: Italian National Council of Psychologists, Lazio Regional Council of Psychologists

Locations at: Rome San Giovanni & Online

Languages: English and Italian

Fees: Individual Therapy (50 min.) 100€; Couples/Family Therapy (50 min.) 120€

Watch Dr Daria's Profile Videos

Watch Dr Daria's Profile Videos

English Speaking Psychologist in Rome

English Speaking Psychologist in Rome

My Credentials

I am an English-speaking American Psychologist in Rome working integratively, drawing from psychodynamic and existential approaches. I have worked in the field of counselling in Italy, United States and Australia since obtaining my psychology degrees. I have worked for a number of organisations including Italian Red Cross in Rome, San Diego Psychology Center, New Mindful Life, Bayview Behavioral Health psychiatric unit, San Diego Center for children, residential, UCSD Neuropsychiatry, HMR Weight Management Clinic and Bariatric Metabolic Institute, McAllister Drug and Alcohol Institute, in San Diego, and Prime XL, Princess Margaret Hospital, Clinical San John of God in Perth W.A. My areas of speciality include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, couples work, abuse, anger and post-traumatic stress. I have a degree in psychology, a Masters in counselling psychology and a Doctorate in clinical Psychology. I am a trained CTU-CTP following legal cases working on custody issues.

My Approach

Since the beginning of my journey to become a psychologist, that still as of today is never ending, I always believed that therapy is a mixture of different approaches that may change depending on the patient or client that you find yourself working with. Being a neutral and safe place where individuals can express themselves with no limits or resistances, being able the therapist himself to be flexible I believe helps the process be more authentic and fluid. I work predominantly within a psychodynamic approach, working with attachments and gathering elements from the CBT approach if the patients tends to be more focus on a specific factor or needing to work on the ‘thinking styles’ which may be keeping us stuck in life. I enjoy working with individuals of different ages that present different issues, or personality disorders. I love working with families and the children, and also doing couples therapy. I am a strong believer that therapy is the place where we bring our dynamics and we safely are able to see them and work on them. Transfer and Countertransference are rich elements that help the therapist-client dynamic lead to possible changes outside the therapy setting.

I love my work as a therapist and this is in one of the reasons why I have worked hard and continue today to improve my skills to always do a better work with my clients. I believe strongly in the therapeutic work and the benefits that come from it, because I have experienced the process of therapy myself and, even today, I feel the improvements and the changes I have made during my growth.

About Me

Since I was in my early teens I have always had people around me saying that I was a perfect listener and I found myself listening and supporting others feeling the pleasure and the need of doing it. One of my biggest dreams was to be able to see the improvements in the life of people thanks to the therapeutic work. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, travelling and watching movies.


I am a Private English-speaking Psychologist in Rome specialised in psychological therapies for adults, children, couples, families and teenagers.

Recent Reviews

Highly Recommended ★★★★★

I went to see a psychologist at the International Psychology Clinic when I was in the process of weaning off anti-depressants and found that they were very able to help me. I was very pleased with the psychologist I saw and would recommend this business highly.”
- Sam

5* therapist ★★★★★

If you are looking for the best psychologist ever, your search is over. I can confidently recommend this practice. Martina has a quality that is rare in a person and deserves all the success she gets.”
- Grace

Top service ★★★★★

The doctor I saw helped me recover from my divorce. I am very grateful for his knowledge and his guidance and would recommend him to anyone as a committed, highly knowledgeable and professional psychologist who gets results.”
- Elen

Great support ★★★★★

Dr Martina Paglia really helped me go through a difficult period. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with panic attacks.”
- Ashley

Good therapist ★★★★★

I had a positive experience of therapy with Dr Martina Paglia. She is a great therapist and really cares about her clients.”
- Anna

Feel much better ★★★★★

I feel much better since I started therapy with Dr Martina Paglia. She always seems to know the right questions to ask to find out what was worrying me.”
- Michael

Thank you! ★★★★★

Dr Russo is very helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable. I saw some real changes in me that I couldn't get with many others.”
- Charlotte

My sessions were excellent! ★★★★★

Exceptional psychologist. Highly skilled, very considerate and professional.”
- Andrea

Excellent service ★★★★★

Great doctor, listened to all my problems and was really helpful. I can sincerely recommend Dr Russo to others as well.”
- Kim

Great service ★★★★★

The service provided to me by Dr Trotta was great. I have enjoyed it a lot; super deep professionalism as well as lots of resolutions tips given to me; in 1 word I have been given a top service.”
- Mark

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Watch Our Information Videos

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