Dr Antonella Trotta

Italian Psychologist London


Qualifications: BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons), PGDip, PhD

Accreditation: Health and Care Profession Council, Italian National Council of Psychologists, Sicilia Regional Council of Psychologists

Locations at: London Oxford Circus

Languages: English & Italian

Fees: £130 (50 min. individual therapy); £140 (50 min. couples/family therapy)

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Italian Psychologist London

My Credentials

Over the last thirteen years, I have gained considerable clinical experience using different evidence-based therapeutic approaches including, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, systemic, interpersonal and problem-solving models and techniques. I am able to engage with patients with a broad range of mental health difficulties, including depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and interpersonal difficulties across the lifespan. I work with children, adults, families and groups.

My goal is to improve individual well-being, building on strength and resilience, so that people can live life to the fullest. I enjoy the deep emotional contact with my clients and I consider the opportunity to listen to their life history a special gift.

My Approach

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a blind spot, where it is difficult to see a way out. During these moments, our mind and body may send us messages. A therapeutic relationship represents a unique opportunity to understand and explore these messages, in a safe environment. Building on communication and trust, therapy can also help to discover inner messages that have been either silent or unheard. I strongly believe that the human mind is extremely creative and that psychological growth is always possible, even in difficult circumstances. Every human experience, pleasant or painful, might lead to new possibilities for our existence, more gratifying relationships, a richer spiritual life and increased internal strength.

I consider the profession of Clinical Psychologist very distinctive as every individual is unique and this requires a therapy tailored according to your specific needs.

During my years of training and practice, conducted across different countries, I had the possibility to work in different and multi-cultural settings and have developed a high degree of cultural awareness. I consider the expression of human emotions to be shaped by the individual’s upbringing and surroundings, a mix between nature and nurture.

Therapy will provide a safe and containing environment to allow you to explore yourself freely and to express your feelings authentically. I consider the development of an optimistic and trusting relationship that is consistent and reliable, fundamental to creating an open, engaging and non-judgemental environment.

About Me

Being Mediterranean and brought up on an island, I view the sea as a natural healer and find relaxation in being hypnotised by its smell and the repetitive movements of its waves. My curiosity towards life is expressed by my passion in research, travels and getting lost in bike rides.


Great service

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The service provided to me by Dr Trotta was great. I have enjoyed it a lot; super deep professionalism as well as lots of resolutions tips given to me; in 1 word I have been given a top service.

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