The 10 Most Common Parenting Issues and How to Deal with Them

Top 10 Common Parenting Issues and How to Deal with Them

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs around the world. With children, you are using one strategy now and another later but it all goes to vain. They are learning new things every day and while exploring those new things, they make mistakes and need their parents. Parents have to be there for their children no matter what.

But while being with them, teaching them and making them all better person, some parenting issues arise. Many of us would panic in such situations because we all know how children drive us crazy. But, since every problem has a solution, these parenting problems can also be understood and solved.

Here are the 10 most common parenting problem and ways to solve them:

1. The Addition of Smart Devices

One of the most prevailing parenting problems is technology. Children can get hooked with these digital devices for hours without blinking their eyes. This can surely trouble the parents. Whenever you try to take away the devices, they get angry and uncontrollable.

If you want to control it, it is better to get your kids to indulge in other activities as well. Get them interested in outdoor games, board games where you also participate.

2. Getting Them to Study

Children are moody. They procrastinate a lot when it is about completing their homework or an exam is coming up. Even if you want them to be in touch with their books, sometimes, it is very difficult. Often it is all about scolding them and forcefully getting them to study.

You can find out the core reason behind this attitude and start working from there. Talk to them about their school environment, what interests them and whatnot. Show them the real examples where knowledge is the way to success.

3. Aggressive Child

This is one of the most challenging parenting issues that drive the parents crazy. When their actions go unchecked continuously, they develop this habit of being angry, screaming, breaking things over little things.

It is very rare if you feel that there is no reason for this behaviour. Every action has some cause. Talk to him or if it gets worse, get him to therapy to see what is wrong. Behaviours like these must not go unchecked.

4. Disobedience

There are times when they start refusing for anything you ask them to do. Most parents think that this is rudeness and they should be punished were in fact, the children are only trying to make their own identity and opinion. If you get all authoritative in them at this moment, this might result in not good.

You must respect them having an opinion. You got to tell them that what you are asking is also very important and how it is important. Listen to their side as well and have them say their opinion.

5. Lying

One of the most painful parenting problems; lying. All children lie at one or another point in their lives. You will know when your child started lying. You can’t just shout on them for this neither can it go unchecked.

It is very important to not to beat or scold them whenever they lie. Talk to them politely and make them aware that you know when they are lying and that it is not a good habit. Show them why and teach them how they can get whatever they want from telling the truth.

6. Constantly Complaining

Children are impulsive. They want what they want. But, when they don’t get it, they start whining about your parenting patterns or the ways that you have ignored them. It could be them not able to play with their friends for long, not eating ice-cream at night, etc.

You must know that the purpose of their whining is to see how much importance you can give to them. Grab the moment and talk to them right there about what they are feeling and offer a solution. If you let them whine every time, it will become their habit.

7. Siblings Rivalry

Another one of the parenting issues is the continuous fight among siblings. They don’t like each other no matter what you tell them. It ruins the house environment and you get in a lot of trouble mentally.

The most terrible thing that parents do in such situations is to scold one and calm the other child. It creates more rivalry. First, you need to calm them both down then ask the reason and offer a solution. Treating both the kids equally is very very important.

8. Tantrums

Well, they learn it soon. But remember there is a big difference between whining and tantrums. When they are throwing a tantrum, there is no reason behind it. They mostly won’t even talk to you about what is causing the trouble. They just want what they want.

Well, in this scenario, you have to keep it all cool. You don’t need to fulfil their wish right away. Tell your child that you will listen to him once he is all quiet and calm. If he is still crying, ignore him and continue doing whatever you were doing.

9. Confidence Lacking

When children grow, they meet other kids and fellows at school. Some are too much confident in engaging with other kids but others prefer to avoid any communication. These are the ones lacking confidence.

Observe your child. If he is showing similar behaviour, then motivate him to make new friends. Even ask him to invite them home. You must not force them through.

10. Improper Eating Habits

This is a common parenting issue. They don’t tend to eat the right thing at the right time. Instead, they prefer an unhealthy diet. You want them to eat vegetables and fruits, they prefer pizza, burgers and other similar food items.

In this case, forcing them never works. Make them feel like they are intelligent and smart enough to understand what food affects them how. Show them some examples of health issues and obesity. Indulge them with yourself while making meals.

If you are having such types of parenting problems, not to worry. There is always a solution to every child's problem. Talk to your partner and plan out a solution for better parenting.

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