The 10 Most Common Problems People Have in Relationships and How to Deal with Them

Top 10 Common Relationship Problems and How to Deal with Them

There are ups and downs in every relationship. Some days are the best, and some are hard to pass. But, what matters at the end of the day is that you are still keeping it together, handling every relationship problem together. Relationships become better when you are well aware of the issues you are facing, and you know how to get past them.

So, here are 10 most common relationship issues with the ways you can fix them:

1. You Don’t Like Each Other’s Parents

Well, it is true but a tough one. Sometimes they interfere too much in your lives, sometimes it is the conflict of interest, and there are times when you can’t just bear them. Well, truth to be told, they didn’t choose their parents and neither have you. So, why should they be blamed for what their parents do? Why ruining your relationship over something that is not in your control? Be patient with them, and don’t let your disliking affect your relationship with your partner.

2. Money Is the Point of Argument

Marriage comes with responsibilities. You got married because you were in love and all, but now that your family is growing, you realize you need money. And, now, you have no one to blame but your partner. How is that fair?

Find out the underlying issue in this argument and sort it out together. Understand that you are in this relationship together and you should grow with the help of each other.

3. You Feel Like They Don’t Understand You

There comes a time in every relationship where the silence prevails. Because the partners think that the other person won’t understand what they feel. This could be the time when one of them is having some trouble, or going through something traumatic.

The best thing is to break the silence and tell the other person how you feel. Relationships are all about communication. There should be no voids at all.

4. You Feel You Are Giving Too Much and Getting Less

It’s hard to admit, but your relationship is failing if you end doing most of the work and your partner is just sitting idle. You might be actually getting back very little or being emotionally abused. Observe it for a few days and then talk. There is a good chance that your partner doesn’t even know how you are feeling. Make a schedule or something to get things on the right track.

5. The Sexual Interaction Is Missing

When you are together for a long time, sex does become a rare bird. The hormones that made you jump into each other at the start might be lowering down now, making you believe you are more than okay with the cuddling. But, that’s not it. The lack of sex kills the relationship over time. Sex shouldn’t be an occasional thing. You must make time and strategy to get your life back on that road. Intimacy is more than just a chemical reaction.

6. The Argument Is All That Is Left

You feel like every communication between you two end up an argument. This happens when you use more tone and fewer words. You might be getting irritated due to something else with your partner, and you are taking it out on them in an argument. It is time to be mature about that and share the things that are actually bothering you. If you don’t do that, you will end up living in a toxic relationship.

7. You Feel Like That They Don’t Pay Enough Attention

It all depends on how much attention you are giving yourself. Are you taking care of yourself? Loving yourself? Partners do demand attention from each other but it might become worse when you are dying for it. However, in another case, your partner might have lost your interest in you. In either case, talk to them and sort out what is going on wrong. You can meet up with a couple therapist to sort out the hidden issues that are beyond your understanding.

8. Your Activities Don’t Include Each Other

Over the passage of time, you get to indulge in different types of activities. Happy couples are those who enjoy similar activities and spend quality time together. But, if you don’t like each other’s activities, then there is a problem. It isn’t like every activity should be mutual. But, if you or your partner is spending too much alone in doing something that doesn’t involve the other partner, that is a relationship issue.

You must seek something that interests both of you. Make a list of the things you would enjoy with each other. The more you spend quality time together, the healthier the relationship it will be.

9. You Don’t Trust Each Other

This is a big issue that can ruin a healthy relationship. A relationship is built on trust and honesty. It might go through a lot of steps but at last, honesty should be there. If you don’t trust each other, how is your relationship ever going to last?

This is true that communications are harder when they are about sensitive relationship problems. Trust is one of them. But not to worry, you can do that. If you love your partner, you will communicate with them even if it makes you uncomfortable.

10. You Don’t Appreciate Each Other Anymore

The core of any relationship is appreciation and respect. Sometimes along the journey, you get used to your partner. When you get used to them, you no longer feel the need to impress them and admire them. This is where things go wrong. The relationship issues like this make the relationship weaker step by step.


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