The Art of Focused Attention: A Closer Look at Brainspotting Therapy

The Art of Focused Attention: A Closer Look at Brainspotting Therapy

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in non-traditional forms of therapy that aim to heal emotional and psychological trauma. Brainspotting therapy is one such technique that has gained significant popularity among psychologists and mental health practitioners. This article takes a closer look at the art of focused attention and how it is used in brainspotting therapy to help individuals heal from traumatic experiences.

What is Brainspotting Therapy?

Brainspotting therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves the use of visual and auditory stimuli to help individuals access and process traumatic memories. This technique is based on the idea that the eyes can provide clues to the parts of the brain that are activated during traumatic experiences. By focusing on these "brainspots", individuals can release stored emotions and process the associated memories.

The Art of Focused Attention

The art of focused attention is a crucial component of brainspotting therapy. This technique requires the therapist to observe the individual's eye movements and guide them towards the specific brainspots that relate to their traumatic experiences. By focusing on these spots, the individual can enter a state of deep concentration, allowing them to access and process the traumatic memories associated with that spot.

The Process of Brainspotting Therapy

The process of brainspotting therapy is designed to be non-invasive and non-judgmental. The therapist works collaboratively with the individual, providing a safe and supportive environment in which they can explore their thoughts, emotions and memories. The therapy is conducted in phases, beginning with the establishment of a therapeutic relationship between the individual and therapist. The subsequent phases involve identifying the brainspots that are most relevant to the individual's traumatic experiences and processing those memories.


Brainspotting therapy is a powerful tool for healing from emotional and psychological trauma. The technique combines the art of focused attention with the latest neuroscience research to provide an innovative approach to therapy. If you are seeking support for traumatic experiences, the International Psychology Clinic offers brainspotting therapy in London. Our experienced therapists provide a compassionate, non-judgmental environment that is designed to help you heal and grow. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your healing journey.

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