Native English-speaking Psychologists in Italy have been our speciality for over 5 years. Our dedicated English-speaking Therapists are expert in the provision of CBT, Counselling and Therapy to Expats in Italy. Visit our Therapy Clinics for Expats in Italy.

We have Quality English-speaking Psychologists who practice from their Private Therapy Clinics for Expats in Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome and Turin. Their clinics are in central locations within a 5 minute walk from tube stations.

Our Therapists are experts in working with clients from all over the world. To make an appointment visit our online booking page. If you have any questions or prefer to book over the telephone, please contact us by phone. Our New Bookings Line is open 24/7.

*Kindly note that visits to our clinics are by prepaid appointments only.

Therapy Clinics For Expats in Italy


Central Bologna
Via Andrea Costa 49

40134 Bologna

Private Therapist at Bologna Clinic

Dr Camilla Hennig

Chartered Psychologist


Central Florence
Via Pier Capponi 79
50132 Firenze

Private Therapist at Florence Clinic

Dr Alexandra De Fazio

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Milan Duomo

Milan Duomo
Via Santa Maria Valle 24, 20123 Milan

Private Therapist at Milan Duomo Clinic

Dr Elisabetta Maglio

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Milan Gorla

Milan Gorla
Piazzale Martesana 10
20128 Milan

Private Therapist at Milan Gorla Clinic

Dr Marco Pontificale

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Milan Porta Romana

Milano Porta Romana
Via Francesco Burlamacchi 11
20135 Milan

Private Therapist at Milan Porta Romana Clinic

Dr Paola Valentini

Chartered Psychologist, Counsellor & Coach

Milan Porta Venezia

Milano Porta Venezia
Via Castel Morrone 10/A
20129 Milan

Private Therapist at Milan Porta Venezia Clinic

Dr Renata Del Giudice

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Milan Sant'Ambrogio

Milano Sant'Ambrogio
Via Gian Giacomo Mora 22
20123 Milan

Private Therapist at Milan Sant'Ambrogio Clinic

Dr Fernanda Frera

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Central Rome

Rome San Giovanni
Studio Dr Russo
Via Imera 10
00183 Roma

Private Therapist at Rome San Giovanni Clinic

Dr Daria Russo

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Central Rome

Roma Piramide
Terzo Spazio
Viale Marco Polo 86
00154 Roma

Private Therapist at Rome Piramide Clinic

Dr Paola Sabatini

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist


Central Turin
Corso Racconigi 54/68
10139 Turin

Private Therapist at Turin Clinic

Dr Arianna Perini

Chartered Psychologist & Psychotherapist

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