Why is Digital Detox Good for The Mind

Why is digital detox good for the mind

With the recent pandemic and the reinforcement of indoor routines, we have started relying on technology more than ever. Staying plugged in all day may seem harmless, but this excessive digital consumption comes with complications of its own such as increased stress and anxiety, etc.

One great way to manage these unwanted harms of technology is to do regular Digital Detoxes. Digital detox refers to a time in which you refrain from digital devices and focus more on social interactions and physical activities.

Below are some reasons why putting away your phone for a while may be more beneficial than you think.

1. You are more likely to be happier

According to a study, those who spend excessive time on the internet are five times more likely to be depressed, anxious and develop a low self-esteem over time.

2. The lives of people we see on the internet are highly fabricated

Seeing your friends’ perfect lives on the internet for hours every day can make you feel as if you’re being cheated in life. However, the reality is entirely different.

Skipping excessive social media usage takes your mind off such things, gives you better things to focus on, and makes you happier.

3. Digital detox also means Less stress

Constant connectivity means your mind is always on the go. And media platforms are designed to keep you hooked. When you limit your usage, it keeps you in a balanced state and staves off stress.

4. You are more productive

With endless absurd social media aside, you now have more time to participate in hobbies such as reading or working out. You can be social in the real sense by hanging out with friends.

Taking a break from technology in the form of a digital detox can introduce you to the real colorful things of life and help you spend time on things that truly matter.

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