Why Online Counselling is Becoming so Popular

Why Online Counselling is Becoming so Popular


Since the advent of the internet and cell phones, the way people communicate has transformed drastically. There are tonnes of ways to stay in touch but amusingly there aren’t many that involve human touch. Although the impersonal nature of communication has had negative effects on our social interactions, online chats especially online counselling sessions have offered many advantages to people.There are many benefits due to which online counselling is becoming more popular than traditional counselling.The basic point is that no one should suffer due to lack of access, and thanks to this technology, no one has to.

1. You don’t have to wait for your appointment

We are all busy in our lives and find it increasingly difficult to manage time for self-care. If amidst all this, you need to talk to a counselor, this means you are dealing with a personal crisis. Often, you will have to wait on a stretch to schedule an appointment that fits well with you and your counselor’s schedule. Online counselling offers you the benefit of getting help when needed instead of waiting for days. By the time you reach the date, your crisis might have been resolved and when you see your counselor, all you do is rehash it. Online counselling gives you the autonomy of seeking help for acute issues right when you need it.

2. You don’t have to fear judgment

Many times we find it hard to talk about things that are embarrassing or sensitive. Although a counselor is supposed to be non-judgmental, looking into someone’s eyes and admitting your embarrassing ventures or things that you are even shy to admit to yourself is something different altogether. But when you chat online, you are completely anonymous. And since you have the choice to switch your video off, you won’t be able to see your counselor’s reactions, as a result of your acceptance of dark secrets that you are afraid to utter in front of anyone else.

3. You have a safe and comfortable environment

Online counselling means you are in a place where you feel at comfort and ease, instead of walking into a stranger’s office that is just not your element. You should feel secure while going through therapy, and online counselling provides you this benefit, be it your own home, office, or any other place that resonates with your comfort.

4. You need not worry about commuting

An in-person therapy session means commuting to and from the counselor’s office. Add to this the hassle of transportation, parking, childcare and leaves from work, which makes it more difficult to schedule as well. If you want to overcome these hurdles, while also making room for your mental health treatments, you ought not to be left behind. Don’t be left isolated with your problems. Moreover, if you have certain disabilities and find it hard to mobilise yourself, you can still get in touch and seek the help that you need. By joining therapy sessions remotely, you can overcome many of your mental health problems.

5. Your sessions are anonymous

Patients seeking medical help require anonymity on all levels. Inside the therapist’s office there are privacy rules to safeguard your rights, but what about the waiting room? You don’t want anyone to know you are seeking therapy, and being there makes you feel that your most guarded secret has been revealed to the world. But when you engage in an online counselling session, no one knows about it except you. Also, there is no risk of people finding out about things that you don’t want them to know.

6. It is reasonably priced

Another reason why online counselling is becoming more popular is that it is fairly less expensive. More and more people now realise that stress, depression, and anxiety can potentially wreck a person’s mental and physical health, if not addressed timely. But for many, the cost of therapy is beyond their means. Online counselling is far different from traditional counseling, as it fits well into the budget of those having financial restrains. Therefore, millions now have access to therapy, and they don’t have to suffer in silence.

7. It is highly effective

Many people consider online therapy sessions ineffective. Owing to their growing popularity, we can safely say that more people are benefiting from this method which has been in practice for more than two decades, but thanks to the internet, it is now fairly accredited and accepted. Moreover, if a person benefits from one online session, he will most likely seek further counselling which indeed is a good precept towards sound mental health.

8. You don’t have to lose contact once you move out

At times, when we leave a certain area, we lose contact with our health care professionals. Since online counselling can happen remotely, you won’t have to lose the relationship that you built with them. Sometimes it will take time to build a safe connection, but once you establish the rapport and trust, you don’t have to fear losing it. Online counselling sessions help bridge this gap, which in the past could have been severed due to location limitations.

9. Writing is beneficial in therapy

Since childhood, we have heard elders recommend writing as a way of emotional healing. In recent times, when you engage in chatting with your therapist, you are penning your thoughts down. This not only empowers you emotionally as you jot down all the negative feelings, but you are also engaging in a behaviour that will positively impact your overall mental well-being. Numerous other reasons are contributing to the popularity of online counselling. There is also less room for bias, few obstacles to accessibility and once you build a good rapport with your therapist, you can maintain it, wherever you travel physically. Online counselling also gives you access to therapy when you need it most. There is no reason why you should suffer through an emotional crisis without help. Get emotional help and allow yourself to put your life back in place.

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