Why Online Therapy May Be The Best Choice For You

Why Online Therapy May Be The Best Choice For You

Have you ever had a chance to talk with a friend on any video calling app? Or did you ever participate in a Zoom meeting for work? Chances are vivid that you have connected with people over the internet at some point in recent days. The world is becoming virtual as technology is improving more every day. People have smartphones which allow them to reach people more easily than ever before. Most of the world is practicing social distancing measures, and many non-essential services are still under a partial or complete shutdown. Due to the Covid, people prefer to stay at home to flatten the curve and protect those who are more vulnerable to contract the deadly virus. In the past, this could have meant weeks of skipped therapy, or the inability to access it when it was needed the most. Online therapy helps provide treatment along with addressing the fears, stress, and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Recent studies have shown that online therapy is just as effective as an in-person therapy session, rather at the time; it is more convenient in our busy schedules. Virtual therapy is also more comfortable as it takes place in the ease of your familiar environment. You receive the same therapy as you would in the traditional way, and discuss your issues with your therapist as if you were face to face. Let us tell you 7 ways in which online therapy is the best choice for you.

1. You have access to a wide range of therapists

Due to the recent pandemic which has confined us all to our spaces, it has become difficult to physically spend time outside, no matter how demanding the task may be. This is similarly the case with patients who have varied reasons and need to see different therapists as per their condition. Online therapy has made it easier and more convenient for them to get access to a wide selection of therapists from the comfort of their homes. However, it needs to be remembered that in-person sessions are irreplaceable. Therapists make out many important conclusions just by observing their patient's body language.

2. No hassle for the commute

We all know how cumbersome it is to commute for therapy appointments. And when you add the costs associated with parking, transportation, and childcare and missing office hours for therapy, it becomes more of a financial and scheduling burden. Many people either don’t begin therapy or stop going because of the difficulties they endure in traveling to their therapist. Online therapy removes these hurdles, and it makes it easier to find a time of your convenience to consult your therapist.

3. Best deal for uniquely abled

Online therapy is the best deal for uniquely able people. Owing to your physical limitations, or accessibility issues, online therapy is an excellent choice for you.

4. Online therapy is highly effective

As mentioned earlier the pandemic itself is incredibly stressful and isolating for people who are already suffering from mental health conditions. Patients dealing with depression bipolar disorder, substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder need to maintain a healthy digital support network. For them, online therapy is a blessing because it is growing and thriving as a professional health care model. You however need to check if your online therapist is licensed in your area or not. This is to ensure that you are getting quality healthcare by a reputable and credited provider to meet your mental health needs. This also ensures that they are aware of and comply with all the ethical and legal practices.

5. Online counseling is always confidential

One important reason why patients seek therapy is to ensure they find it easy to confide in a stranger, who can professionally provide solutions to their problems. Similarly, online therapy is as confidential and private as in-person therapy can be. Online therapy is completely confidential and applies the same offline rules to online too. Mental health therapy is at times stigmatized, but an online therapy session overcomes this barrier as well. This will in turn make you more comfortable, and allow you to communicate freely with your therapist. Another point worth mentioning here is that online therapy sessions are encrypted through trusted platforms that are easily downloadable onto your smartphone or computer.

6. You can have access to a therapist who is not available locally

At times you might need a certain n kind of therapy such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or dialectical behavioral therapy or any other evidence-based therapy. Often therapists are trained and specialized to deal with panic, stress, and anxiety, and diagnosis for other modalities may not be available locally. This is possible if you search for qualified and suitable therapists beyond the place where you live.

7. Best option for people living in remote places

If you stay in a far-off place where the basic facilities of big towns aren’t available, you need not worry. Online therapy has made it possible for you to access mental health treatments even if you live in a remote area. This is because most mental health counselors don’t even open their chambers in such far-off areas. Therapy is the best and safest option for you then. Many people have benefited from these therapy sessions and find them very relaxing during these uncertain times. Online therapy is not the most viable for everyone as you might need to seek in-person therapy for some mental health issues. Clients who are actively at risk of self-harm or to others should better be treated in person. However, during the pandemic, more and more therapists are allowing online therapy sessions irrespective of the aforementioned concerns. If you feel that you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for it. It is for the widest benefit of yourself, your family, and everyone who is connected to you. We all need to take great care of ourselves to emerge on the other side, stronger and better than ever before


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